Was Red Sox Pitcher Jon Lester Cheating in World Series 2013 Game One? [video]

Red Sox Jon Lester Cheating In World Series Game 1 in 2013
With the World Series being the game of all games, controversy can brew fast when people suspect wrong doing. You might have thought that St. Louis Cardinals fans would be stewing about last nights Umpire huddle that ruled what was called an out, ultimately safe. The controversy hasn’t been built from that event however but from suspicion that Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester was cheating in last night’s Game 1 World Series at the famous Fenway Park.

It all started when a tweet from Cardinal pitcher Tyler Melling (@TylerMelling) said, “Jon Lester using a little Vaseline inside the glove tonight?” and shared a picture on Twitter. While the tweet and picture have now been taken down, people started sharing their own pictures to reveal they believed Jon Lester may have been cheating with vaseline or some substance on his glove.

A video of Jon Lester putting vaseline on his fingers before he threw out a pitch was shared on Vine by Dennis Paruch which stated, “I don’t know what Lester reaches for in 7th.” You can view the Vine video of the vaseline incident below:

Another Vine video was released by Jen Myers @Y98Jen that said, “Yes it’s come to this: Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester going to a blob of something (Vaseline?) in his glove.”

The pictures of the vaseline baseball glove of Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester are all over the Internet now as well. Here are some of those pictures being shared below:

Jon Lester Cheating? Red Sox World Series Game 1 Pitcher Had Mystery Green Spot On Glove, Vaseline?

A St. Louis Cardinals pitching prospect has suggested the pitcher who dominated the big-league club in Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night was throwing a baseball doctored with Vaseline. If true, such behavior is expressly against the rules, no matter if it makes you think of old man Harris from “Major League.”

As you can see at the top of this post, there’s Tyler Melling’s evidence, in tweet form, against left-hander Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox. It’s a somewhat unclear photo — probably a TV screencap taken with a telephone — of Lester and his glove with what appears to be a yellow/green foreign substance gumming up the webbing. Melling, a 25-year-old left-hander who pitched for the Cardinals’ Class A team in 2013, appears to think it’s a “gotcha!” moment.

Well, you be the judge, what do you think if you were watching the World Series last night. Was Jon Lester cheating when pitching against the Cardinals or do you feel this is just a common practice in MLB Baseball and should be overlooked. We’ll publish your comments and let you weigh in.

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