Jets Fan Gets Called for Unsportsmanlike Conduct for Punching a Woman Patriots Fan

Jets Fan Punches Woman

It is no surprise to hear about a confrontation between fans before, during or after a game. Though many are horrified when hearing and seeing these violent confrontations, the signs of the times suggest that there will always be some sort of a confrontation; although some will be less violent than others.

Another sign of the times suggests certain morals that once seemed common place are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The way men and women perceive each other has changed in that there were once boundaries that mostly were honored between the two. For the most part, a woman would not hit a man during a confrontation and it was the norm that a man would never hit a woman. Today, though the norms and boundaries are still there, many have chosen not to accept them.

An example of this occurred at the end of a football game on Sunday where a male New York Jets fan was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct toward a female New England fan when he punched a woman in the face.

When you have two teams that have a big rivalry play against each other, the energy level will be high with not only the teams but especially with the fans. The New York Jets and the New England Patriots have an intense rivalry and both players and fans will engage in “smash mouth football” but it would be the players who will take it up a notch and get physical with each other.

However, fans have been known to get physical with each other but it normally would be with two males or two females that take “smash mouth football” too literally.

As reported in the NY Daily news, a cowardly Jets fan did just that but punched a woman in the face during a skirmish that happened at Met Life stadium. When the Jets defeated the Patriots in overtime, Jets fans were celebrating while Patriot fans couldn’t wait to leave and ponder how their team lost the game.

However, a fight erupted around one of the exit gates as a male Jets fan, wearing a Wayne Chrebet jersey and camouflage pants, punched a blonde slender woman in the face before he could be separated from committing more acts of violence.

Video that was obtained and posted on Deadspin showed what was happening during the brawl and as the Jets fan was being pulled out of the brawl, a female confronts him and his response was to strike her directly in the face.

The commenter from Deadspin stated that the fight started as a result of the Patriots and Jets rivalry and also said that “The whole thing was shameful it’s a football game and you don’t hit a girl or call her a bitch.”

A spokesperson representing the Jets commented that the Jets fan was detained and the incident would be handled by the New Jersey State police. The spokesperson also said Sunday evening that “We are aware of the situation and we do not tolerate that behavior.” The New Jersey State police had a spokesman say that the incident is under investigation.

Though both the New York Post and the Daily News reported that the Jets fan was cowardly and a shameful act, other news outlets have gone further than to comment solely against the one fan.

An article powered by The Patriot News not only condemns the fan but New York football fans as well. The article starts off with how an out-of-bounds Jets fan could not stay classy following the Jets victory. The article describes how a Jets fan was captured on video punching a New England fan.

However, the article goes into that readers may not think this should be news as this happens a lot among some of the Jets’ “Gang Goon” fans. When the reader is told that the Patriot fan that was hit was a woman, the writer then says, “Yes, they have taken the mantle of football fans behaving badly to a new low in New York.”

While the investigation is ongoing, this incident will not so easily go away. Many will say that a man should never hit a woman while some may argue that, as the video shows, the female fan being the aggressor and punching him first. Also, if criminal charges are filed, the case will surely grab the attention of a society where the norms of the past may be changing in the present and no longer exist in the future.

Jets Fan Punches Woman

Jets fans get into a brawl after their team beats the Patriots


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