3D Printed Toothbrush, Blizzident Claims to Clean Teeth in 6 Seconds

6 second toothbrush

Finally a 3D printed object that has some real consumer use for everyday. Blizzident is a toothbrush that promises to brush your teeth in six seconds.

“Because you are brushing all your teeth at the same time, you are brushing extremely quickly,” the company says. “You brush all the difficult-to-reach and interdental regions without even having to think about it.”

Blizzident uses the same scans dentists use to fit braces and an extremely precise 3D printer to create a brush for each individual customer.

Blizzident Toothbrush

“One reason to use this expensive 3D-printing machine/material combination is to achieve totally smooth surfaces, for perfect hygiene. Ordinary 3D printers produce rough surfaces, where dirt can hide and cannot easily be cleaned,” a company spokesperson told Wired UK.

The toothbrush contains about 400 soft bristles and requires the wearer to grind their teeth in order to clean. Users can even attach dental floss to the Blizzident.

The company also states on their website, “All Blizzident-bristles are tailored to your own teeth. They are placed on the surface of your teeth in a 45 degree angle. They are also aligned exactly along your gumline in a 45 degree angle.”

Blizzident doesn’t look at themselves as a time-saving device, they believe it eliminates bad brushing techniques. Manual and electric toothbrushes clean only as well as your brushing technique and discipline. Even with a good technique, there are always regions you cannot reach, because of the geometry of your manual/electric toothbrush and bristles, says Blizzident.

Blizzident bristle pressure is always the same, and within the correct limits. Whereas, when you brush by hand, often too much pressure is applied, and gums and teeth are harmed. And if not enough pressure is applied, the cleaning effect is reduced.

Getting a Blizzident is pretty simple, but expensive. You go to your dentist and get an impression of your teeth, then you send it to a dental laboratory, where they digitize the results, which are then uploaded to Blizzident.

Getting the dental impression to the company costs between $75-$200. Then, users spend $300 to get their Blizzident. Blizzident recommends to replace their toothbrush every 12 months which costs half the price of a new one since the impression of your teeth was already made. The annual bristle replacements cost $159.

6 Second Toothbrush

All teeth are perfectly cleaned within just 6 seconds, in perfectly applied Bass-technique, by just biting and chewing a little. It even includes flossing and a tongue-cleaner. The Blizzident toothbrush is tailored to all dentures/teeth individually.

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