Molly Drug Causes NYC Music Festival to Shut Down After 2 Deaths

Molly Drug

Hospital rooms all across our nation see numerous cases of injuries on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The Emergency room is a place where certain serious injuries get magnified and as a result, sheds light on exactly what happen to the patient.

It appears the powerful drug Molly is making a fatal return to the lives of young teens and young adults all over the world and sending them to the emergency room. Molly, which is slang for “Molecular” is the pure crystalline powder form of the popular club drug MDMA also known as “Ecstasy” in pill form.

Just here in the United States the amount of emergency room visits linked to the use of Molly has more than doubled since the year 2004. It is getting more and more difficult for these doctors to determine what people are ingesting in their bodies when they believe they are just taking the drug Molly.

“It’s pretty hard to mess with something once it’s pressed into a pill, but powder is a different story, it can be adulterated several times before it winds up in the hands of the user,” Meghan Ralston, harm reduction manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, said.

“There’s no way to know for certain what many Molly users are actually ingesting, that’s one of the most dangerous things about the situation now, you have no idea what you’re getting,” Dr. Julie Holland, a psychiatrist and the editor of “Ecstasy: The complete guide” said.

The most recent incident involving Molly occurred Sunday, September 1, 2013 in New York City where the popular electric zoo outdoor music festival was cancelled because two concert goers died and four more were ill after reportedly taking Molly according to NBC News.

“I believe more and more people are taking molly because of the growing drug culture, and just like the drug of the ’60’s was LSD, the drug of our era is Molly,” Jennifer Caceres, Senior at New York University said.

The drug being taken in society today seems to not only be a different substance than Molly in the past, but it is even more deadly than ever before. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) spokesman Rusty Payne says that the name of the drug Molly is to give the impression that it is as innocent as the name implies. He goes on to say that it is anything but safe and that it is very dangerous because it is more than likely altered several times in one process causing a mixture of unknown chemicals to be in the drug

“Suppliers are making it look like something that is safe and easy to take, but in many cases, you’re actually playing Russian roulette,” Payne said.

The drug is most popular at concerts and dance clubs, according to CNN people have been seen with several signs at these events asking “Have you seen Molly?” and no they are not referring to the innocent girl-next-door. Some users do not care about what is in the drug they just want to take it.

“It felt like everything was amplified, it felt euphoric almost like a crazy adrenaline rush for a long time,” Evan, a young professional working in Michigan said

“You feel a lot more loose and comfortable in your environment,” Jessica, a Georgia high school student said.

While it appears molly is becoming increasingly popular in our society, the music industry may be a small link that adds onto Molly’s popularity, with Kanye West, Rick Ross, Mac Miller, 2Chainz, Lil Wayne and even Miley Cyrus all references molly in songs.

So as the DEA continues to fight the never ending battle of prescription drug abuse, Molly continues to pick up steam as the dangerously popular must have drug, let’s hope the DEA can focus a little of their attention on this.

Two Drug Related Deaths Force NYC Music Festival to Shut Down

Pure version of Ecstasy called “Molly” increasing in popularity, could have caused festival deaths.

NYC Music Festival Shut Down After 2 Deaths from Drug Molly

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  1. Interesting that even the DEA admits the reason it is dangerous is because it is illegal and thus is often impure.

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