Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Set to Release in October for $299

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Smartphones, 3D Television sets, and Google Glasses are currently the model of cutting edge technology in the world we live in today. Just like the four seasons out the year, technology appears to change over time, and it looks like the new tech hot tech gadget are smart watches and Samsung wants to get into the mix.

The company’s co-CEO J.K. Shin unveiled their smart-watch at the IFA consumer tech conference in Berlin on Wednesday September 4. He mentioned that they will begin shipping their smart-watches in 140 countries on Sept. 25, but the United States and Japan will not get the gadget until early to mid-October according to CNN. 

So let’s take a look at Samsung’s “Galaxy Gear”, the device will allow users to make hands-free calls directly from the gear, as well as check e-mails, set certain alarms and the weather with just the command of their voice. It also has a 1.6-inch screen and weighs 2.6 ounces, looks relatively similar to other smart-watches on the market, however it does have some unique features, such as a 1.9 megapixel camera embedded in the strap and a built-in speaker. The user can point their wrist in any direction to select and activate the camera/video feature to take pictures and make instant videos.

The device will also come preloaded with more than 60 apps, including a step-counting pedometer and S Voice, a voice-activated app akin to Apple’s Siri according to WSJ. The gear will be pitched as a companion device to its latest generation smartphone-tablet the “Galaxy Note 3”, which the company also announced at the IFA event on Wednesday.

“Galaxy Gear isn’t just a cool device that complements the Note 3 I believe it will become a new fashion icon around the world,” Shin said.

This may be a budding new fashion that will soon take over the world as the new popular technology gadget, but as of right now, there are some concerns.

“The first generation of smart-watches this year, from Samsung and others, is likely to see modest global sales in the near-term, forecasting 1.2 million smart-watches to be shipped world-wide in 2013, but could jump up to as much a $7 million in 2014,” Neil Mawston, an executive director at research firm Strategy Analytics, said.

The device is set to cost $299 and come in multiple colors, Samsung has hopes of putting their product at the top of the list of what is turning out to be a bit of a crowded field in the smart-watch industry, with Sony and Qualcomm. The best established company at present is the Californian firm Pebble, which has sold more than 85,000 of its $150 smart-watches, and every smart-watch company is gearing up for a potential push by Apple to get into the smart-watch war as well.

Samsung Galaxy Gear hands-on at IFA 2013

The Galaxy Gear, as we’ve known it to be called for a few weeks now, was hardly guarded with a level of secrecy that’s become standard for a flagship smartphone, but as the device is finally official — and expected to launch in more than 100 countries within weeks — just how does it perform?

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