Apple to Unveil New iPhone 5s on September 10

iPhone 5s

With the summer season almost wrapping up technology guru’s and smartphone lovers (Particularly Apple fans) are gearing up for a firework style frenzy of anticipated products that will be released this fall and winter.

One of those products will be the newest iPhone smartphone which according to recent reports by several media outlets the phone will be unveiled on September 10th Apple event. The most likely name will go in line with past devices as it will be called the iPhone 5s, the newest phone will follow the Apple trend of releasing their smartphones during the summer or fall seasons.

With rival competitors such as Samsung, HTC and LG taking a nice chunk out of Apple’s sales, the company is feeling a little heat to continue stepping up their innovative approaches to their smartphone devices. Something that is sure to be the talking point for the iPhone 5s will be the much anticipated fingerprint sensor on the phone, the company somehow quietly made a big purchase by buying Authen Tec for $356 million. The company specializes in fingerprint sensor technology and it is believed that this will be incorporated into the iPhone 5s, which has a lot of critics and mobile tech analysis saying this will be the big headliner feature on the device.

Let’s take a look into what else you may see in next month iPhone 5s. The device will run on Apple’s newest operating system the iOS 7 which includes new typography, redesigned icons and a new color palette. The size of the phone will be much like that of the iPhone 5, with a 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch model devices to compete with big-screen rivals. Apple will also release a cheaper version of the phone which is estimated at $99 and come in five or six different colors according to CNN. Other details about the device include an upgraded camera which will be a 12-Megapixel camera capable of shooting video at 120 frames per second, allowing users to make slow-motion videos according to the Huffington Post.

If you remember or if you own an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S you know that the back of the phone is glass, it looks like apple may switch it up a little with an aluminum back for the iPhone 5S. Also something new Apple might be bringing to the 5S is a new color, besides the ordinary black and white iPhone’s there may be a Gold color that will be available next month, so keep an eye out for that. There will be more details and information coming out for the iPhone 5S as the unveiling gets closer, but until then mark your calenders for September 10th, get ready for the newest iPhone.

iPhone 5s Camera Sneak Peak

Sneak peek at the rumored iPhone 5S camera

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