Starbucks and Google Partner to Upgrade WiFi Speeds

Starbucks Wifi Speed

If your Starbucks has slow internet, worry no longer. Starbucks announced they are upgrading Wi-Fi speeds in more than 7,000 stores in the United States over the next year and a half, with help from Google.

Older stores will have WiFi upgrades, but top priority will be given to stores with the most Wi-Fi usage.

However, every new Starbucks will have a Wi-Fi connection up to 10 times faster than the speed currently available in existing stores.

Google announced in a blog post, “We’ll start rolling out the new networks this August. We appreciate your patience if it’s still a little while before we get to your favorite Starbucks—you’ll know your new network is ready to go when you can log in to the “Google Starbucks” SSID.”

In addition to the faster Wi-Fi collaboration, Starbucks also said it will work with Google to co-develop a next-generation Starbucks Digital Network.

“Google has always invested in projects that help the Internet grow stronger, including projects that make Internet access more affordable and more widely available. We hope that speedier Internet will make the time customers spend at Starbucks even more enjoyable and productive,” said Kevin Lo, the General Manager of Google Access.

Adam Brotman, chief digital officer for Starbucks, told Mashable that Starbucks is working with Google and Level 3 Communications to upgrade each store.

“We really focus on how this enhances the customer experience and we believe if we continue to focus on that, good things will come to our business downstream,” Brotman said. “We do believe that all the things we do to enhance the in-store experience enhance sales.”

“Level 3 is proud to collaborate with Google to help Starbucks deliver on an experience that echoes the needs of our more connected world,” said Anthony Christie, chief marketing officer at Level 3 said in a press release. “Whether they’re working on their laptops or searching the Internet on their smartphones, Starbucks customers will now have access to the fastest free connection available in any retail environment.”

Google replaces AT&T as the supplier of Wi-Fi at U.S. Starbucks company-owned stores.

This is just another step for Google. Google has deployed its own fiber-optic cables in Kansas and has plans to do the same in cities such as Missouri, Texas and Utah. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google also plans to launch powerful Wi-Fi networks in those markets that piggyback on its wired network, allowing anyone to use their mobile device to access the Web while they are in public spaces.

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