Huntington Beach Riot Breaks Out After US Open of Surfing, Organized by Social Media? [Videos]


Huntington Beach Riot

Eight people were arrested Sunday night after a fight broke out in the crowd gathering for the U.S. Open of Surfing.

Witnesses and police said fights broke out around 7 p.m., shortly after the surfing competition ended.

Kyle Calder told KTLA the fight had started when someone was hit with a ketchup bottle from a second-story restaurant. The person threw the bottle into the crowd, which then triggered a fight that expanded into a small-scale riot.

“That’s when the cops came and everything went mayhem from there,” Calder said.

The unruly crowd broke windows, pushed over portable toilets and damaged city signs and vechiles, Huntington Beach Police Lt. John Domingo said.

Police in riot gear used tear gas and nonlethal rounds to disperse the crowd, which tipped over portable toilets and smashed storefront windows.

Police from several cities were called in. Lt. John Domingo says arrests were made for disturbing the peace, unlawful assembly and inciting a riot. One person was held for assault with a deadly weapon on an officer. Police will look at video, and more arrests could be made.

Along with the eight people arrested, several officers were injured in the riot as well, but none seriously, police said.

By about 9:30 p.m., police had gained control of the crowd.

US Open of Surfing said in a statement on their Facebook page about the riot in Huntington Beach, “We’re extremely disappointed and saddened by the disturbance that occurred up on Main St after the close of the US Open of Surfing. We work tirelessly with City staff, police, fire and other agencies to ensure a safe environment for all. We appreciate the quick response of HBPD and are awaiting further information.”

Responses by others on Facebook were all over the place. Some thought the police did a good job, while others believe they escalated the situtation.

Gayle Collins Fritz commented, “The police and security level was very strong. The fighting was broken up immediately by the security that was everywhere. Had they not been, this could have been much worse. In my opinion, they acted with bravery and restraint. Bravo!!”

Bevo Vino feels that, “personally not like to see vans sponsor it again because I believe their huge marketing brought in far too many little $hits that weren’t here for surf. I have normally biked down and could tolerate the crowd, but this year I spent a whole 5 minutes and never got out so quick. That’s not the spirit of HB or surfing and I’m pissed to have seen that happen. I’m with Colleen Leslie on this, if vans pulls the same next year I’m boycotting.”

Sue Harris Lackman believes, “Insiders, outsiders, everyone trying to point fingers at a label. How about, it was a bunch of disrespectful, self-righteous a-holes that come from everywhere and anywhere. Not one city or place is immune from these people and they somehow find each other at big events like this. It’s too bad. What needs to happen is for the public and news to stand up and call these people out for what they are. Arrest those they can find via video and make them do community service in HB. Sorry that happened to the folks of HB and those that attended the event just trying to enjoy the day.”

Investigators plan to review video and could make more arrests.

Riots in Huntington Beach followed the surfing contest. A bash mob riot was expected in Long Beach. Such criminal activity was apparently being organized via social media.

A 16-year-old was arrested for allegedly using social media to organize a mob of teens to attack and rob pedestrians on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, police said Wednesday, July 24, 2013.

Organized “bash mob” crime rampages of roving groups attacking innocent people and businesses have been striking cities around the United States.

Huntington Beach riot on Main St, 7/28/2013

A couple of altercations on Main St, Huntington Beach escalated into a full on riot with multiple fights, public property destruction and alleged stabbings. Here’s a POV in front of a porta potty station that got completely wrecked. Sucks to be stuck in one of those.

Rioting Breaks Out in Huntington Beach After Surfing Open

Rioting Breaks Out in Huntington Beach After Surfing Open

Rioting in Huntington Beach at US Open

Huntington Beach Riot 2013 Us Open

Riots in Huntington Beach followed a surfing contest. A bash mob riot was expected in Long Beach. Such criminal activity was apparently being organized via social media.

Huntington Beach Riot 2013 – Attempt to Turn Over City Vehicle

On July 28, 2013 the Us Open of Surfing Annual Contest in Huntington Beach California turned sour. Hundreds maybe thousands of dumb people begin rioting.

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