Snail Facial Treatment Launches in Tokyo at Ci:z.Labo Spa

Snail Facial Treatment

A new beauty treatment is launching at Ci:z.Labo spa in central Tokyo called a snail facial.

The live snails are the central part of a 60-minute treatment called the Celebrity Escargot Course, which costs 24,150 yen (around $250 US).

The treatment involves a therapist washing the clients faces, placing snails directly onto their cheeks and forehead while the snails move around, leaving trails of mucus slime behind.

This snail facial is followed by a series of massages, masks and electrical pulse machines using creams infused with snail mucus to ensure that the live secretions fully penetrate the skin.

The secreted snail mucus is key to the facial, as it reportedly contains a beauty-boosting proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, which help skin retain moisture, reduce inflammation and remove dead skin.

“This salon is the only place in Japan where you can try a live snail facial,” said Yoko Minami, sales manager at Clinical Salon, the flagship outlet of Ci:z.Labo, a nationwide spa operator and affiliate of Japan’s biggest medical cosmetics company. “Snail slime can help the recovery of skin cells on the face, so we expect the snail facial to help heal damaged skin.”

In this spa, located in the Ebisu district of Tokyo, there are five “resident” snails that they use for the facial and are kept in a clear container. The snails are fed organic vegetables to ensure that they are clean and healthy before being placed on customers’ faces.

Sayaka Ito, a recipient of the treatment, told Australia Network News that she found the experience to be relaxing. “You can feel the snails moving on your face,” Ms Ito said. “At first, it’s surprising but it’s actually rather nice. My skin really does feel smooth and moist.”

Dermatologists question the effects and if there are any lasting health benefits to the new beauty treatment. “This clearly is not very scientifically done,” dermatologist Dr. Stephen Mandy tells ABC News, who works in Miami Beach, Florida noting that the snail facial therapy session involves a massage, a mask and electrical pulse machines, making it difficult to tell which one is benefiting the client. “It kind of reminds me of the fish pedicures.”

Tokyo salon offers snail facials

A salon in Tokyo offering snail facials says the mucus slime left behind by snails aid in the recovery of skin cells.

Japan launches world’s first ‘snail facial’

Snails, have a use after all – crawling across faces as part of a new beauty treatment in Japan.

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