Monkey Attacks Texas Officer During Traffic Stop [Video]

Monkey Attacks Cop

Officer Keith Moore pulled over a motorist on Wednesday for a traffic violation and wrote him a ticket. As he was handing it to the driver, a monkey hiding in the backseat lunged forward and bit the officer on his hand.

Officer Keith Moore said he’s from Houston but moved to Aransas Pass three months ago to join the police force. The 21-year-old’s training has taught him “to be on guard at all times,” he said.

The Aransas Pass Police Department released video of the traffic stop taken from a camera on Moore’s sunglasses.

In the video, you can see Moore talking with the driver who mentions that he is “on the road all the time with my monkey,” who is yet to be seen. Proving that any story you tell an officer they don’t listen, either it’s the truth or not, they are just doing their job.

As the officer goes to give the computer ticketing device for the driver to sign, the monkey leaps from the back seat, bares its teeth and bites the officer’s right hand.

When Moore heads back to the patrol vehicle he’s heard telling his partner, “His monkey attacked me! He’s got a monkey and it attacked my hand. I’m not even kidding!”

His partner asks, “A monkey? Like a legitimate monkey?” Officer Moore responds, “Yeah like a legitimate monkey.”

After further investigation, the monkey is actually a professional, KRIS-TV reported. He appears in carnivals and festivals posing for photos with paying customers.

Aransas Pass is in south Texas, about 375 miles from Dallas.

Monkey Attacks Police Officer

One rookie Aransas Pass Police Officer now has quite the interesting story to tell after a crazy traffic stop is caught on camera.

Monkey Attacks Cop During Traffic Stop

While Moore was writing someone a traffic ticket on Wednesday, however, something happened that the police academy did not prepare him for. A monkey hiding in the back seat lunging forward and attacking the officer’s hand.

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