Two Faced Cat, Named Deucy Born in Amity Oregon

Two Faced Kitten

A rare two faced kitten was born Tuesday morning in Amity, Oregon. While normally a two faced kitten’s life is short, this one has good odds.

The kitten’s owner, Stephanie Durkee took the rare little kitten to the vet, who checked her out and found everything is in working order and the way it should be, besides the two faces. There’s nothing wrong with the newborn’s lungs as her owner says she’s a very vocal little kitty.

This baby kitten was rejected by her mother, so Stephanie Durkee is feeding her warmed kitten formula every two hours with a syringe. She says she’s eating well and is stronger than the other two kittens that survived their birth.

“Deucy” is being kept in a dresser drawer with a heating pad and towels, reported NWCN.

Stephanie plans to keep the kitten, and hopes it will have a long life.

Two faced cats are often called a Janus cat and they are a rare gem and like mentioned above, don’t last survival of the fittest.

A black cat with two faces, named Harvey Dent, was born in February 2012, but died two days later due to complications.

In July 2012, another two-faced kitten, named Gemini, also died within days of his birth, but this was likely because he had issues eating with two tracheas and one throat.

In 2011, two-headed cat Frankelouie was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records when he turned 12 years old for the longest Janus cat to have lived.

Two-faced kitten: Amazing footage of rare ‘Janus cat’ born in Oregon

A two-faced kitten named Duecy has been born in Oregon. Vets say the so-called ‘Janus cat’ is in good working order

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