Man Survives 15-years with 4-inch Pencil in Head

Pencil in Head

A man from Afghanistan has been living with a four-inch pencil inside his head for the past 15 years.

The unnamed 24-year-old was suffering from headaches, constant colds and impaired vision in his right eye.

He sought out medical help in 2011 and a scan showed that a 4-inch pencil was lodged from his sinus to his pharynx and had injured his right eye socket.

When asked how he got a pencil lodged there, the man couldn’t recall. He could only remember that as a young boy he had a severe fall and constantly having nosebleeds.

This 2011 case was presented by Surgeons at Aachen University Hospital at a medical conference in Essen on Tuesday by Prof Frank Hoelzle of Aachen University.

German doctors said they removed the pencil and after the surgery, the man made a quick recovery and was released from hospital within days. Although, the man’s vision will remain impaired.

This isn’t the first time doctors have had to remove a pencil from someones head. Earlier this year, a New Hampshire toddler fell face-first onto a pencil.

The pencil entered her eye socket, passed through the bottom of the brain’s right hemisphere, crossed the midline and went through most of the left hemisphere, stopping just short of her left ear, Dr. Darren Orbach of Boston Children’s Hospital said.

It managed to avoid important areas like the optic nerve, critical arteries and veins and other parts, that, if damaged, could have caused blindness, paralysis, devastating neurological damage, or death, Orbach said.

The New Hampshire toddler spent a day being sedated and less than a week in the hospital, followed by a brief stay at a rehabilitation center.

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