Storm Chasers in Kansas get inside Tornado and Capture Video

Inside a Tornado

Brandon Ivey and Sean Casey, Severe Storm chasers used their specialized tornado intercept vehicle to catch video footage from inside a Kansas tornado on Monday.

The pair of storm chasers appear in the Discovery Channel series Storm Chasers and were able to get footage from an eastern Smith County, Kansas Tornado before it started to rip instruments from the top of their special vehicle.

Dubbed as the TIV2, this tornado vehicle can travel up to 100 miles per hour, while weighing more than 14,000 pounds. It also has a self-leveling suspension system.

The TIV2 is a modified Dodge Ram 3500, that has a six wheel drive capability. Four hydraulic drop down skirts that block high-speed winds and debris from getting underneath the vehicle and flipping it over.

Tornado Intercept Vehicle

During Monday’s storm, the chasers said the winds were between 150 and 175 mph, strong enough to blow open a hatch, force open a door and rip instruments off the top of the TIV2.

Debris can be seen flying in front of the vehicle and the video shows the power that is heard while a tornado roars through an area. The chasers say their ears popped from the changing of air pressure.

The National Weather Service received reports of 16 possible tornadoes Monday in Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado.

Reports indicated two homes were destroyed northwest of Smith Center but no injuries were reported.

The most significant tornado damage was reported in and around the town of Marysville, where a tornado touched down about 9:50 p.m., said Bill Schwindamann, Marshall County emergency management director.

Monday was exactly a week from that EF5 tornado, with winds estimated at 200 mph, hit the town of Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 and injuring hundreds.

The TIV2 is built for tornadoes, with unbreakable plexiglass windows and hydraulic spikes that anchor the vehicle to the ground. Don’t try to attempt these acts.

Storm Chasers Inside a Tornado

Brandon Ivey and Sean Casey got inside of a violent wedge tornado today. Brandon shot this insane footage of the TIV2 (tornado intercept vehicle) inside of a violent wedge tornado northeast of Smith Center, Kansas over eastern Smith County.

Wind speeds were 150 to 175 EF3 to EF4 before the tornado ripped the instruments off the top of the TIV.

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