Target Launches Bridal Collection Featuring Wedding Dresses by Tevolio

Target Bridal Gowns

You may think of Target when it comes to bridal registries, but Target has announced a bridal collection.

You got it, Target will be selling an in-house collection of wedding dresses ranging from $99.99 to $129.99. With that kind of price tag, don’t expect anything fancy by all-means.

Target Bridal Collection

With that all said though, Target’s design team really put some thought into each dress in trying to make them unique and special for anyone. “Some dresses have a removable flower pin. You can wear the dress with or without it. Many of our dresses have pockets—even bridal gowns. We know that most brides don’t exactly carry a handbag during the ceremony. And she needs lipstick,” Jennifer Lansing of Target’s product development team says in a press release.

The wedding dresses will launched under the name Tevolio, which is inspired by the Italian phrase “Ti voglio”, loosely translated into “I love you.”  The dresses will available in four different styles, while each style comes in white or ivory and available in sizes 2 to 28.

Lansing puts it, “The average bride has 3.5 women in her wedding party, so we wanted to include a range of sizes so everyone can look and feel great.”

The Target Tevolio bridal collection will also offer 10 bridesmaid gowns, which sell for $69.99 and come in a wide variety of colors, two flower girl options, starting at $24.99, and tiny tuxes for ring bearers available for $40.

Target stated in a release, “Target’s technical design team worked to ensure the assortment of bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses have a truly flattering fit.”

Target launches affordable wedding gown collection, Tevolio

Target now carries wedding dresses.

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