Pigs Fed Marijuana to Taste More Savory and Grow Bigger

Pot Pigs

If you are not a vegetarian, vegan or a person that does not eat pork, then parts of a Pig may seem pretty delicious to you. Bacon is by far the most popular meat consumed from the Pig, but Pork has a loyal following as well, but what if I told you some pigs are given Marijuana to make your meat taste juicer?

A farmer named Susannah Gross who operates a farm in Seattle, WA is doing just that. Gross operates the five acre farmland which is currently experimenting with turning marijuana waste into pig feed, according to Examiner.

It appears besides the pigs being extra happy with the marijuana pig food, they ate much more than the other pigs on the farm.  As a result, were much bigger and fatter come slaughter time.

According to Gross and other workers on the farm, they used four pot-eating pigs who had marijuana waste added to their regular food for the last four months of their lives, it resulted in the pigs being 20-30 pounds heavier than the other pigs.

Matt McAlman, the medical marijuana grower who provided the pot leavings for Gross’ pigs, says he hopes the idea expands with the likely impending expansion of Washington state marijuana industry, according to Yahoo.

“I have heard some people say the meat seems to taste a little more savory,” McAlman said.

It is interesting that he also mentioned that they have “Pot Chickens” as well.

Last November, residents in Washington voted to make recreational use of marijuana legal. Medical use of the substance already had been legal in the state.

There have been many questions brought up as to if there are any effects of THC which is the mind-altering chemical found in Marijuana that have been found in the pig manufactured pig meat.

SeattleMet reported, “Apparently, not all mammals can process THC, but most have cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoids are the other chemicals in marijuana, often linked to the medicinal properties, which help with pain and discomfort. Pigs have these receptors, and the four that ate this enhanced feed gained more weight and likely felt way more mellow than their non-ganja feeding friends.”

It’s not clear if pigs that eat pot will have any traces of the substance in the meat that eventually is marketed for human consumption, but some studies suggest that won’t happen. One of those studies come from The European Food Safety Authority which reported that no studies concerning tolerance or effects of graded levels of THC in food-producing animals have been found yet.

What is your take on the whole “Pot-Belly Pig” label now?

Feeding Pot Plants to Pigs

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BB Ranch butcher William von Schneidau recently, said , “Oh, and, by the way, we are feeding our pigs marijuana now. We’re calling them pot pigs.” The Pike Place Market butcher shop is most definitely adding “weed to the feed,” as Schneidau says in this getting-funky-with- it video about his recent Pot Pig Gig dinner.

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