Connecticut Foster Mother Pleads Guilty of Spanking 4-year old with Wooden Spoon


Abused Foster Children

Foster parent, Jami M. Littlefield pleaded guilty on Monday in Superior Court in Norwich, Connecticut to spanking a 4-year-old girl on the buttocks with a wooden spoon.

Littlefield was arrested after the child’s biological mother, Elisabeth Land noticed bruises on her daughter’s buttocks during a supervised visit on January 11.

The mother said the 4-year old girl was wearing baggy pants, and when the child bent over to pick up a toy, she saw what appeared to be a handprint on her lower back and a bruise on her buttocks.

The mother reported the injuries to a child advocate who was supervising the visit. The advocate took the little girl to Pequot Health Center where medical staff determined the girl had contusions on her buttocks.

Jami M. Littlefield told the police in a statement that she was home sick from her job on January 7 and the foster child was “acting out throughout the evening” and had struck Littlefield’s granddaughter, who is also 4.

Littlefield went on to say that she pulled down the girl’s pants and “paddled her butt” three or four times with a wooden spoon that she had been using to stir soup after the girl told Littlefield she was going to kill her, called her a racial slur and spat at her several times.

The brother said he had heard the beating from his bedroom.

The child’s biological mother, Elisabeth Land and her husband had been having emotional and financial problems and voluntarily signed the girl and her older brother into foster care in August 2012 so they could work toward providing the children a better home life, reports The Day.

Littlefield was licensed as a foster mother in 2004, according to Gary Kleeblatt, communications director for the Department of Children and Families. They have revoked her license since the arrest.

Littlefield will be sentenced July 17 to 100 days in prison and two years of probation for third-degree assault.

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One thought on “Connecticut Foster Mother Pleads Guilty of Spanking 4-year old with Wooden Spoon

  1. These foster parents don’t deserve to have any of our children, especially been stealing them by x- Governor Charlie Crist back in 2000-01;and also later found out he was gay, married a woman to hide the secret which leaked out who was promoting the GAL to take all babies/ children to receive “Huge kickbacks’ trips, gifts and awards along with the DCF Coalition Team aka ” Eckerd Management” Help A Child Team,aka “CPS pediatricians” by lying, making up false lies, allegations, documents and stories about good parents, single moms,like me..for example; Victim/fighting survivor, Reason these scumbags who are bad foster parents abuse, harm our babies/ children because;
    1. Not theirs, they just want money,benefits
    2. The foster mother,DCF Team pediatricians intentionally with” Adult dosages criminal, illegally administering two weight loss,loss of appetite Adult Celexa and Lexapro psych “drugs, my case was secretly hidden to reopen on Petition Coram Nobis FS 1.540 they hid all my baby (toddler) all ,the medical records,Stockholm distress. secretly drugging my baby (3 1/2 yr.old born at ” one pound at five months premature with FTT,” almost killing her, damaged according to found medical, er unknown records,Emerg, ER visits hidden from reunified mother,worker,council and the court, and Public. So they could accomplish a huge fraud scandal and adopt my only child. temporary medical foster mother “Best friend ” of the GAL so the gay sister of MFM who did not return mu=y baby as court order to conspire to with all to kidnap, not follow court orders. or any LAWS! Making their own and found in 2013,case closed 2006, they use a marker to change documents, the real abuser to my baby who was the foster mother,sister. all blamed me. not in my custody.
    3. If their not your child, they treat them like a “NOTHING! Let me tell you, don’t ever let me catch you putting a tool, utensil, or any harm to any baby or CHILD!
    4.Their are good foster parents, so much more sh***y ONES! Need to set a huge statement for prison, for harming a baby or child in their CUSTODY!
    Foster parents, new parents or any young mom or dad should all go to
    Parenting Class” very challenging, fun,learning experience
    5. God says in the “Holy Bible” DO NOT harm his babies, children or ORPHANS!

    For this Foster mother needs to be stricken from or allowed to be a foster parent or near any baby or CHILD!
    NO BAIL!

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