Several Children Found in Plaza Towers Elementary School After Oklahoma Tornado

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The tornado that slammed into Moore, Oklahoma was said to be almost a mile wide in it’s peak when it was moving across town. In the tornado’s path was Plaza Towers Elementary School where children were huddling in hallways to protect themselves from the sheer power of the tornado.

It was just reported by the AP at 5:52pm CST that, “Several children pulled out of rubble alive at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, OK.”


Child Pulled From Rubble In Elementary School in Moore, OK


Not long after the information of a few children being pulled out of the rubble of the elementary school in Oklahoma a picture was released by the Associated Press of a young girl being held as she was lifted out of debris from the school. The girl is one of the few survivors that have been found from the school.

Reports from WTVR and KFOR say that children are still trapped inside the school where the cinder block walls collapsed from the strength of the tornado. A report from KFOR said that a teacher had laid on top of children to keep them safe and they all survived. Just 12 minutes ago KFOR-TV reported that, “24 victims are assumed to be in the rubble of the Plaza Towers Elementary school.” About an hour ago the sheer terror that the children had to endure was revealed with information from KFOR that said, “Students who were in Plaza Towers Elementary tell KFOR’s Jesse Wells that they were hugging and clinging to the walls of their school as the tornado passed over.”

Just as everyone else we’re all waiting for more numbers of survivors to come out of the rubble of the elementary school. Some disappointing information came out of KFOR about 16 minutes ago saying that, “The effort at the elementary school is now a recovery mission and not a search and resuce effort, according to KFOR’s Lance West.” For more inforomation from KFOR and live updates visit their real-time update page.

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