Powerball Winning Numbers for May 18th, 2013 are 22 10 13 14 52 11

Powerball Lottery

It has become more obvious that the price increase is certainly making Powerball Jackpots increase faster and faster. Tonight’s Powerball winners are estimated to win approximately $600 million dollars. The total jackpot for someone with winning numbers is expected to hit over $600 million and could possible even eclipse the largest U.S. Jackpot in history.

The last biggest lottery jackpot was on March 30th, 2012 in the Mega Millions for a total $656 million which is currently $56 million more than the current estimated Powerball payout. The largest jackpot in the Mega Millions was split between three different winners from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland. If tonight’s Powerball winner is the only ticket holder they would be the largest lump sump prize payout in United States lottery history.

The drawing for Saturday night’s May 18th Powerball was held at 9:59pm CST and announced on live television. There are six sets of numbers that a player of the Powerball needs to match to win the lottery.  If no one has the winning numbers to the Powerball tonight the jackpot will climb to the highest lottery payment in history. If tonight doesn’t have any winning numbers out there on a ticket the jackpot could climb close to $1 billion dollars.

The Powerball Winning Numbers Tonight Are:

22 10 13 14 52 11

The big payout for tonight’s big lottery amount had people lining up all around the country. We’re including some pictures of people standing line for Powerball tickets in locations like Arizona, Primm outside of Las Vegas and others. If you have a picture, send us a message and we’ll include that too.

Watch the Live Powerball Drawing Below:

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Pictures of people lining up to buy Poweball Tickets:

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