Earthquake Today in Ontario, Quebec Canada with Magnitude-5.1

An earthquake in Canada was felt through the Quebec and eastern Ontario areas on Friday morning. Tremors could be felt as far away as Hamilton.

Earthquakes Canada reported two earthquake events on Friday morning with the first one being a 5.1 magnitude earthquake at 9:43 a.m. near Shawville, Quebec and a second 4.2 magnitude quake near Braeside, Ontario at 9:53 a.m.

Earthquake Today

Simone Paul who works at the University of Waterloo on the third floor, told CBC News, “It was about half an hour ago, about 9:45, and I was just typing away at my office and I totally felt my chair moving and I could hear the walls in my office moving. It sounded like when you’re in ship and you can hear the sounds of a wall moving. So there was movement, and I turned and looked out the window to see what was going on and I could see my plants in my window actually shuddering.”

“We had a lot of shaking, that’s for sure,” said Kim Bulmer, town clerk of Renfrew, ON, Canada. “But I just checked with the public works director and there does not seem to be any reports of damage so far.”

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the quake was felt by people across Quebec and Ontario provinces, as well as Vermont, Upstate New York, and northern Pennsylvania

There were no immediate reports of significant damage in Waterloo Region.

Ontario Provincial Police in Arnprior, Ontario, not far from the epicenter, say they have received no reports of damage.

People on Twitter started to report if they felt the Canada earthquake or not.

Jennifer Lindgren says, “Did you feel the #earthquake this morning? Good to know I’m not crazy!”


Kayla Thompson was checking with other Tweeters to see if they felt it also, “Did anyone else feel that #earthquake aftershock this morning? #toronto #Canada”


Kat Anthony says, “Nothing like an early morning earthquake! I basically live in an episode of Jumanji here in Canada.”


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