Mariah Carey Accused of Lip Syncing on American Idol Finale

Mariah Carey Lip Syncing on American Idol FinaleThe performance was setup to be one of the biggest of the American Idol season where the famous Idol judge was set to perform in a special live performance. The Twitter account of Mariah Carey @MariahCarey even tweeted out, “Tune in tonight to see Mariah’s special performance at the American Idol Finale! 8:00pm On FOX” with a link to a Twitter Picture that showed Mariah posing as a partial silhouette.

As soon as Mariah started singing her montage of songs and hits live on American Idol Twitter started to erupt with questions, claims and disgust. Many fans of Mariah were stunned that Mariah “might” be lip syncing her entire performance on American Idol. I was watching the performance myself and thought maybe our sound was somehow not lined up with Mariah’s performance. We loaded up Twitter to see it pouring with tweets of people saying things like, “I can’t believe Mariah Carey was lip singing on stage of American Idol. How do you expect the kids to look up to you? #IdolFail” from @MzsOlivia.

Mariah Carey Lip Singing

Another Twitter user named Shelley Paulson tweeted from @shelleyp, “Mariah Carey lip syncing on #idolfinale. Kind of negates her critiques of the performance when she doesn’t have the guts to do it herself.” At the time of this article that tweet had been retweeted 29 times & favorited 18 times.

As you can see from Cats Politics twitter account, they also feel that Mariah lip synced her performance on Thursday night during the Idol Finale Live Performance. The tweets just keep rolling and laying on the accusations that the whole performance was an entire lip sync from the beginning to the end. Most fans of American Idol seem to be upset considering Mariah Carey is a judge that critiques others on how to sing but when performing during a big event like the finale has resorted to lip singing the performance. Other judges performed like Keith Urban during the American Idol finale. The performance from Keith Urban seemed to be entirely free of lip syncing as he added unique voice inflections to almost show that he was truly singing in his song.

Everyone is sitting on edge waiting to hear wither Candice Glover or Kree Harrison will win the entire season of American Idol tonight. It remains to be seen whether the Mariah Carey lip sync mishap will continue to blow up and bring on some type of statement tomorrow.

What do you think, did Mariah lip sync her live performance?

Other tweets from twitter users:




The Hollywood Reporter has claimed that Mariah Carey’s representative says, “She was absolutely not lip syncing. #Idolfinale”

I know this much, I am a very big fan of Mariah Carey and I grew up listening to her music. If Mariah had to lip sync, I think she has earned it by delivering beautiful music for so many years. It’s disappointing, but it’s reality and we can’t expect someone singing the notes that Mariah does to be perfect forever. The statement has been made from Mariah that she didn’t lip sync her performance, so we’ll leave it at that.

What do you think, did Mariah lip sync her live performance?

Watch Mariah Carey’s Live American Idol performance below:

20 Comments on "Mariah Carey Accused of Lip Syncing on American Idol Finale"

  1. Anyone who actually thinks she didnt lip sync that are total morons. That was completely lip synced…not even a debate. She and Jennifer Lopez..and that moron asian guy all lip synced. They are all frauds and should be ashamed of themselves. People who support these frauds should also be asham3d of themselves

  2. The lip synching looked so bad, it looked like some kind of parody!

  3. Bull****. She lipsynced no doubt about it. Shame on you Mariah.

    • Most definately was lip syncing and was a very poor job of it!!! Nobody can dispute the fact that Mariah is a musical genius but come on she could have done a better job of doing a fake show!!!!!

  4. People are saying she sang 3 times the day before and the best take was dubbed for the live performance?

    If thats the case the b***h STILL lip synced the **** outa the song since she IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH to do it live.

    Paraiah Carey just showed she cant sing in front of a TV audience OR a live audience…she probably faked her pre recorded shows too…she has proven she has ZERO talent and is not fit to judge a REAL singer.

  5. During the live show it apppeared as though she was It does lip synch, but a second look to the online video does show she was singing, this was probably and audio / video delay from the satellite feed.

  6. Maria the singer | May 16, 2013 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    Every singer uses effects on their voices including digital delay which delays your voice a few mil-seconds coming through the speakers. This can sound like lip syncing but is really live.


    • I would hardly say that “every” artist uses effects on their voices! I have seen several Idols live in concert, including Clay Aiken and the awesome David Cook. They both can sing the heck out of a song live, and they do not use any special effects or auto-tuning. David Cook even likes to sing songs or parts of song entirely without a mic, proving that he is truly singing. A real singer doesn’t need special effects!

  7. I saw the whole thing. She wasn’t “lip syncing” or “singing with the backing track” (as Beyonce would say) at the beginning. You’ll notice that she was struggling on many of the notes, it was really sounding bad. I think she realized that she was struggling for whatever reason, and they made a decision mid-performance to switch it up. So, by the end, that was not her live vocal and that’s when you noticed that her mouth wasn’t matching up (and she was magically sounding magnificently).

  8. She ABSOLUTELY lip sync’d. I (along with everyone else watching with me) immediately saw this. Obvious, beyond a doubt – and not even a good job faking it. Also, considering how hard the contestants worked all season, it was disgraceful. DAHLING – you blew it! Shame on you.

  9. Psy just totally smashed Mariah on AI. He did not sync and was much more entertaining. There’s a new diva in the house and its not Mrs. Cannon!

  10. Mariah DID NOT lip-synch. If you listen to Mariah over the years (like I have) you will notice that she put many inflections in each one of her songs that are not on the actual recordings. Also, Mariah is a perfectionist and professional. Her performance was so stellar that people can’t believe she could do that, but c’mon, she never would lip her performance in the U.S. because we’re all mean and harsh. Just except Mariah Carey has immense talent and can hit notes only dogs can hear.

    • Thank you. Anyone who has ever listened to Mariah would be able to tell she was not lip syncing.

  11. Of course she did. About 3/4th of the show was lip synch’d tonite. Keith’s first song was. Psy’s song was. The boys song was.

    • Mariah and Keith’s (1st performance) were not lip synched. They were pre-recorded the day before with a different audience. The sound was messed up on Mariah when they played it back. Keith Urban has never lip synched in his life. His second performance with Kree was of course not pre-recorded.

    • This is a reply to Suki……if it was pre-recorded like you said, then yes they were lip syncing. LOL

      They were not singing live at the time we were watching it, so yes they were lip syncing. How can you say they were not lip syncing and then in the next sentence say it was pre-recorded? That makes you sound really dumb. It was not live because they were just moving their lips to the music that they “PRE-RECORDED” most likely days if not weeks before. It was completely edited and auto-tuned as well. The only people who sang like was Candice, Kree, Angie, & the people who were singing with them. The boys performance was auto-tuned and edited to crap. Both judges did bad jobs lip syncing their performances and Keith bit his lip a few times when his voice was still coming out. He only sang live with Kree because he had too. Props to the real artist like Jessie J and The Band Perry….as well as the top 3 girls.

  12. Cynthia Santiago | May 16, 2013 at 8:00 pm | Reply

    Was really looking forward to Mariah…….disappointed is not even the word!! Of all places to not lip sync, this would be it!!! Grrrrr….

  13. How ridiculous! She’s so FAKE!

  14. Zaire Makel | May 16, 2013 at 7:47 pm | Reply

    She was not lip syncing. She’s in front of 7,000 people. It’s a voice over for the show. You can tell because you cannot hear the audience screaming until the end of each song.

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