Powerball Winning Numbers for May 15th, 2013 are 2 34 11 41 26 32

Powerball LotteryThe prize money for the Powerball Lottery has been going up and up at a faster pace than usual. The easy answer to the increasing jackpots for the Powerball are the price increases that were put into effect in January 2012 that took a Powerball Ticket price from $1 to $2. That price increase might have slowed things down for a little bit, but after a year, the price sting wore off.

Now lottery customers areĀ liningĀ up like flies buying Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. Just on March 30th, 2012 the largest jackpot ever was made with the Mega Millions drawing at $656 million dollars. The largest Powerball Jackpot was established in November 28th, 2012 with a total amount of $587.5 million with only two tickets sold.

This specific powerball ticket drawing taking place at 9:59pm CST will be the 3rd largest Powerball payout ever if a lucky winner in the United States matches all six numbers. The winning numbers were drawn tonight and broadcast all across the United States and potentially provided someone $229.2 million dollars in a cash option payout.

The Powerball Winning Numbers Tonight Are:

2 34 11 41 26 32

Powerball Winning Numbers 5 - 15

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