Skaters Brutally Beat Man in Huntington Beach with Skateboards, Could Face Murder Charges

Skateboarders Beat Man

Four teens in Huntington Beach could face murder charges after they chased a man and almost beat him to death with their skateboards on Friday night.

Investigators said two large groups, with as many as 40 teenagers, were fighting just before 8 p.m. Friday at Murdy Park at Goldenwest Street and Warner Avenue. A woman attempted to break up the fight, but when some of the teenagers started to attack her. The woman’s 25-year-old boyfriend intervened, but he was chased across the street to a laundromat where a group of 5-10 teens beat him with their skateboards, KTLA reported.

Police said at least four of them attacked him using their skateboards as weapons, while other teens captured the crime on camera and later posted it on Facebook.

The victim, whose identity has not been released, was taken to UCI Medical Center, where he underwent an emergency surgery and is now listed in critical condition.

Once police officers arrived, the teens ran in multiple directions. Seven boys are under the age of 18. Of the seven detained, four of them were booked for attempted murder at Orange County Juvenile Hall, according to a local ABC News affiliate. Those four arrested, authorities say were on probation for previous crimes.

Police said more arrests could come soon.

“It was a very brutal attack, we have no reason to believe that the victim had anything to do with these groups before he tried to intervene in this altercation,” said Lt. Bo Svendsbo of the Huntington Beach Police Department.

In addition to the video investigators found online, they are also reviewing surveillance cameras from nearby businesses.

Anyone with information on this assault was asked call Huntington Beach police Detective Pat Ellis at (714) 536-5971.

Meanwhile, on the Huntington Beach Facebook page, people are expressing their thoughts and feelings about the incident.

Pam Sanchez states, “Just horrible I never thought Murat[sp] park was very safe!”

Brad Drude made a point by saying, “The lady should have just called 911,instead of getting involved. Now her man is in the Hospital because of her.”

Leslie Marcinko posted her thoughts on the Huntington Beach Police Facebook page saying, “Wait, “The juveniles are all on probation for other crimes”??!! And their parents are letting them all hang out together? At the park?? Or, maybe they didn’t know? I get it, I am the parent of teenagers, they are not always honest about where they are going or who they are with BUT that’s why when mine are in trouble THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED OUT WITH ANYONE ANYWHERE and they are certainly not on probation!!”

Chris Hartzog says, “The bad thing is as an adult you cant protect youself against kids. If you hurt them you getinto trouble.”

Huntington Beach Man Brutally Beaten by Skateboarders

A Huntington Beach man remained hospitalized in critical condition Sunday after he was brutally beaten with skateboards at a laundromat near Murdy Park.

Father Of Jailed Skateboarder Insists Victim Of Beating Was The Aggressor

New witness accounts contradict the story that had a Good Samaritan critically injured when he tried to break up a fight between two groups of skateboarders.

The father of one of the teens jailed in the beating of the 25-year-old man, also says the skateboarders were defending themselves against an attack.

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3 Comments on "Skaters Brutally Beat Man in Huntington Beach with Skateboards, Could Face Murder Charges"

  1. The “father” of a teen says what? you have got to be kidding! THAT why ONE man was hurt and NO teens were??
    Stupid with a side order of Idiot!!!
    Defending his girl and they chase & pounce on him!!!
    Sounds like the “father” should probably be locked up too! Background check time!!!

  2. Why even interview the families of the offenders?? You know that they are always on the side of their “little angels”.

  3. So the father of one of the thugs is DEFENDING the actions of his son who with a GANG beat an unarmed innocent man with their skateboards within an inch of his life by saying that he wasn’t trying to defend his girlfriend?? Sounds like Dad is a THUG TOO. I hope that they are all tried as adults and get the max for attempted murder. Too bad the girlfriend didn’t just call 911, I’m sure that she wished that she had, but she acted on impulse and now an innocent man may die. Crazy, crazy country we live in now.

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