Olivia Sprauer, Florida Teacher Fired Over Bikini Photos

Olivia Sprauer Fired

Far too often there are stories that surface surrounding the allegations of a teacher having intercourse with their students or sending explicit text and photos to student(s). As a result, most of these teachers usually end up getting fired or resigning from their respective school, but this recent story in particular is a bit different, but with the same result of a teacher getting fired.

A young 26 year old female teacher named Olivia Sprauer used to teach English at Martin County High School in Florida. That was until she recently got fired by the school, not for anything sexual with students but for her “Bikini” pictures that have surfaced around the internet, according to Huffington Post.

Olivia said the principal showed her one of her modeling photos. After she confirmed the picture was of her, she was asked to resign that day.

“I felt like it would have been nice for my students to finish out the year with me, they trusted me and they made me happy so that aspect of it was sad,” Sprauer said.

She only taught at the school since early 2011 and was actually wanting to go to graduate school after the current school year at Martin County.

“I knew I didn’t want to come back next year and I knew I wanted to go to grad school so I decided if I made it to the end of the year I would be happy,” Sprauer said.

Olivia took a bit of a risk, even before taking the position as a high school English teacher. As a model, she went by the name Victoria James. She knew she was taking a risk when she decided to pose for bikini photos beginning in February, 2011, but she decided she wanted to chance it anyway.

Many people, including her students and herself, did not think it was right that she had to resign based on a few Bikini photos.

It appears the Martin County school board didn’t feel comfortable discussing the current situation, only stating that Sprauer no longer is employed at the school and that it is a “Personal Matter”.

Sprauer says she still plans on attending her student’s graduation because “they know I love them and I know they are still happy for me.”

She also mentioned that she stills plan on going to graduate school in the future.

After she was fired she expressed her feelings about the situation. “I just thought I did nothing wrong, I don’t make pornography. I don’t open my legs on camera. I take swimsuit glamour style photography,” Sprauer said.

Do you think she should have been fired?

Teacher fired over bikini photo

She posed in clothing you might see on any beach in America, but this ex-teacher said her bikini photos got her banned for good from her classroom.

A former Martin County High School English teacher in Florida said she lost her job after one of her racy modeling photos came to the attention of the school’s principal.

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