Capri Sun Mold Issue ‘Not a big problem’ Researchers Claim

Mold in Capri Sun Drinks

Juice drinks like Sunny D, Hi-C, Minutemaid and Capri Sun have been such a popular item for kids to have in their school lunch. However, with the recent reports of Capri Sun having multiple fungus substance in their drinks, their image has undoubtedly taken a big hit and millions of parents are starting to second guess buying the Capri Sun product now.

Interesting enough, there are a handful of researchers and professors that believe the fungus found in the drinks, are not harmful and the whole idea is being blown out of proportion.

“While there is certainly an ick factor when you hear about fungus being in your drink, the reality is that those of us with healthy immune systems have no worries because our body would just fight off any potential harmful bacteria, we could even eat that, and that wouldn’t be a problem,” Kathleen Dannelly researcher and associate professor microbiology at Indiana State University said.

Dannelly explained that we are surrounded by fungus every day and that it’s even on our skin and in our digestive system, but we do not notice it because our immune system usually keeps them in check.

Even though this is true, many people still ask the question of how and why fungus is getting into juice drinks like Capri Sun?

Kraft who manufactures Capri Sun explained this particular issue. “Since there are no preservatives in our drinks, mold can grow, especially in a leaking pouch,” Kraft said in a statement on their website.

The company mentioned that during their manufacturing process, the drinks are heated to certain temperatures that exceed the type of temperatures used for pasteurization.

Unfortunately, punctures in the products’ package, even microscopic ones, can allow air inside the package and mold can grow according to CS Monitor.

The company thought about adding preservatives to their drinks to avoid this possible incident again, but mentioned that was not what their customers wanted.

One of the main reasons people are not aware of fungus being in their Capri Sun could be because of the dark cover of the drink, not being able to actually see what’s inside of it unless you pour the continents out in a cup.

The company of course, realized this a long time ago, but explained how they tried to make clear packages for the Capri Sun but kept running into manufacturing problems so they kept the dark cover to the drink.

So next time you grab a Capri Sun, just keep this story in mind, or pour the juice into a cup at least.

Capri Sun Mold

Mold in Capri Sun Drinks.

Capri Sun Mold Issue

Capri Sun complaints.

Caprisun disgusting mystery content. Caprisun Mold?

My daughter came to me and told me she found something black in her CapriSun and it tasted yucky. I tasted it and almost vomited. I recorded myself cutting it open. I have no idea what this is inside, but it is disgusting. I am never letting my kids drink CapriSun again. Anyone else have this happen. Is this mold.

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  1. Capri-Sun is as sure as h*** that ‘the fungus’ won’t harm anyone. Most people still have their doubts, if their children have fungus/penicillin-related allergies. If they drink that fungus-notorious juice while having those allergies, then wouldn’t that be more than enough to make them severly ill? Or kill them? I read any comments about people saying that H20 (water) is all kids should drink, but water alone can’t fullfill your body’s requirements. I mean, come on, can water do the job of milk? Can it be a substitute for strength and energy? No way! And not just milk, but other things like ‘homemade’ juices, etc.

    So…I’m guessing that those people don’t think through this before just jotting useless junk down and posting it. And don’t get me wrong, I’m just a kid myself, I’m barely 12. I’m 11. Don’t think kids don’t understand…we understand much more that the average adults.

    PS: Pardon me for the ‘rude language’ that I might have used. I didn’t intend to hurt or disrespect anyone’s feelings for this…hey look, I’m sorry… ;D

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