Midwest Winter Storm Achilles Dumps Snow in May

Winter Storm Achilles

In much of the Midwest, Achilles winter storm is dumping snow, which is very rare for May.  At the beginning of the week, these areas were experiencing upper 70’s to 80 degree weather and has dropped 40 to 50 degrees in the last 36 hours down to 20 to 30 degree weather.

More than 30 locations in the Midwest were threatened by the daily record low temperatures on Friday morning. This includes Dallas/Ft. Worth, Lubbock, Texas and Tulsa, Okla. These record lows will also be threatened in the south-central states on Saturday morning. Little Rock, Ark. and Shreveport, La. are among the cities that will have low temperatures when they wake up.

Through early Friday, wet snow and rain changing into snow will fall from eastern Kansas to northern/western Missouri, Iowa, southeast Minnesota, northwest Wisconsin and the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Some snow flakes could fall as far south as northeastern Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.

“This is a record for me,” Brian Wagstrom, director of public works in Minnetonka, Minn., told NBC station KARE. “This is the latest that we have ever put plows on this time of the year. We are anticipating maybe 2 to 3 inches of slush on the roadways. Depending upon the heat of the roadway, it might melt off.”

Here are the latest snowfall totals by state as of late Thursday morning:

Buckhorn Mtn., Colo.: 28.2″
Near Buford, Wyo.: 20″
Near Harrisburg, Neb.: 6.1″
Near Edson and Quinter, Kan.: 4.5″
Forest City and Britt, Iowa: 11″
Blooming Prairie, Minn.: 18″
Beresford, S.D.: 6″
Rice Lake, Wis.: 17″

Some other totals include:

Ft. Collins, Colo.: 10-16″
Near Boulder, Colo.: 8″
Denver, Colo.: 3.2″
Cheyenne, Wyo.: 12.8″
Omaha, Neb.: 3.1″
Sioux Falls, S.D.: 1.5″
Rochester, Minn.: 13.5″
Des Moines, Ia.: 1.1″

States at risk for enough rain to cause flash and urban flooding problems spanning Wednesday to Saturday include Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee, according to the Weather Channel.

Having snow this time of year is no good. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, national corn crop to be planted on average for this time of year is around 31 percent. As of April 28, 2013, only 5 percent of the national corn crop had been planted. Last year about 50 percent of the national corn crop was planted.

While the Midwest is getting a May snow storm, Southern California is battling raging wildfire.

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