Google Now Takes Over Siri: Comes to iPhone and iPad iOS Users

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One of the more popular features on the newer iPhones is undoubtedly “Siri” because let’s face it, we all like telling someone what to do right?

It appears that the popular feature may have a little bit of a competition brewing in its atmosphere. Google announced earlier this week that they have released their own personal assistant service for the iPhone and iPad called Google Now, according to ABC News.

“Our goal for Google Now is to get you the right information at just the right time,” Google CEO Larry Page said.

The new personal assistant looks to provide information that will cater to your everyday life schedule, including showing you what the weather will be like when you first wake up, along with a friendly reminder of any appointments you may have.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to work, this service will provide the fastest route based on the amount of traffic. The unique thing about this is that the service actually learns your habits of what routes you take and will provide you information without even searching for your destination.

The Google Now app basically has the same functions of the android systems, but with a more modern and updated version that you see in the iOS software now.

“When we started working on Google Now last year, we had people from the  Search department to Google Labs to Android come help design it,”  Page said. “You need to accommodate the environment your experience lives in, while still retaining its unique identity.”

Google Now certainly has its own unique identity just like Siri does, the access to your profile and personal data is part of what drives all of Google’s personal assistant features.

In order for Google Now to be successful on your device and give you accurate information, you do have to allow the app to access your information and data on your phone.

You can find the app in the app store but instead of typing in Google Now, you’ll need to type in Google Search for the correct version of the new Google Now app (Hope that is not too confusing).

Besides Google Now being on iOS devices, it will be an integral part in the highly anticipated Google Glasses soon to hit the market. Since Google Glass operates fully by voice commands, there may be no better software in place than their own Personal Assistant in Google now. If you have an iPhone or iPad check out the new Google Now in the app store and see if you like it better than Siri.

Google Now gives iPhone users a taste of Android

Google’s personal assistant app is available for Apple devices, chat apps overtake traditional text messages.

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