India Man Sells Daughter’s Newborn Baby on Facebook for $830

India Man Sells Baby on Facebook

There are a lot of weird, questionable and insane news stories that happen around the world every day, some go unnoticed while others make several headlines. Millions of people use Facebook to reconnect with old friends, update their current status, chat with some friends and stalk Facebook profiles. For some reason, a grandfather in India wanted to use Facebook for a whole new and bizarre reason, this being to sell his newborn grandson.

The 47 year old accused of selling the newborn is Feroz Khan of Ludhiana city, India. One of the news sources in India the Agence France-Presse reported that Khan had inside help from two temporary employees at the hospital where his daughter gave birth.  It did not take long before Khan’s daughter, Noori to panic after realizing her baby was not in the hospital nursery and filed a police report that her son had been kidnapped.

It was not until a few weeks after the file was reported to the police that they actually figured out Khan had sold the baby on Facebook.  They also found out who the other people were in the hospital that helped steal the newborn out the nursery.

“After investigations, we found the grandfather of the child had struck a deal with a man in Delhi and had roped-in the nursing staff to smuggle the baby out of the nursing home. We have arrested four people including the grandfather. We have also booked the buyer from Delhi,” Ishwar Singh, Ludhiana’s Commissioner of Police said in a statement. Khan had sold the baby on Facebook to the man in Delhi known as Amit Kumar for 45,000 rupees or $830 US dollars according to Huffington Post.

It was not until this week that the police found the baby at Kumar house, ill and in bad shape, but has since been in treatment at a local hospital and reunited with her mother.

What could make someone do such a thing as steal a newborn baby not from a random person, but from one of your own family members? Well, according to another news source in India called the Punjab Newsline, Khan apparently wanted his daughter to get an abortion due to the fact that she divorced her husband and was by herself.

His twisted plan was to actually sell the baby so he could basically help his daughter get married again, but did not think it would be possible if she had a kid. I am guessing Khan wanted nothing to do with the raising of his daughter’s baby if he tried to go through this much trouble just to find a husband for her.

Satish Malhotra, a senior police officer in Ludhiana explained the current situation, “All three people who conspired to sell the child have been arrested and we will be interrogating the businessman who paid the money to buy the baby.”

The three will face seven years in jail if convicted for kidnapping.

Indian Man Allegedly Sells Baby Via Facebook

A new-born baby boy in India was reportedly sold via social media website Facebook for $15,000, after his grandfather told his daughter she had given birth to a stillborn child, Indian authorities say.

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