Pizza Hut Delivery App Available For Xbox 360

Pizza Hut Xbox Promotion

If you are a true video gamer you are most likely on a gaming console for hours and all that playing you’re doing usually builds up quite an appetite right? A nice hot and fresh delivery pizza is such a great addition to your gaming, right?

It just so happens that Microsoft and Pizza Hut has officially teamed up to provide a very unique and creative app for Xbox Live. The app will allow users to order from a Pizza Hut full menu directly through their Xbox 360 according to Polygon.

Users can link their Xbox account with a Pizza account and save their purchases so they can streamline future purchases.

Pizza Hut for Xbox will be available for Xbox Live users starting today. Also, users who download and order through the Pizza Hut app before May 6 will get 15 percent off their first purchase.

Xbox live users can place their order via the Xbox Kinect motion controls, voice commands, or the regular Xbox controller.

Although Pizza Hut along with others have launched mobile apps for customers, this Xbox 360 app marks the first of its kind and just a recurring message that modern technology continues to improve every year.

“We’re always looking at ways to give our audience more of what they’re interested in, if you look at our audience, they love pizza it has international appeal, and Pizza Hut is a recognized brand that matches up well with the Xbox brand,” Xbox’s Larry Hryb said.

Hryb went on to mention that the Xbox team values their fans and supporters and stressed that it has been important to the company that they provide the right experience for their fans and that they will go wherever the audience is interested in taking them. It looks like their audience has taken them into some unprecedented area, but they are embracing it and look to have all the success they imagine would be possible with this new app.

“This app opens doors for tremendous entertainment options outside of gaming and streaming online,” Hryb said.

As with any new app, there will be those that are on the opposite side of the spectrum whether for a positive or negative outlook at it, for this instance it is a negative perspective of the new app.

“I just don’t think it’s all important, I can do it with my cell phone I don’t see how it makes things easier to do so through the Xbox. Sounds really lame to me, with extremely limited market potential,” Wedbush Securities research analyst Michael Pachter said.

Only time will tell if this new app will be a successful investment for both Microsoft and Pizza Hut, but it has already gained tremendous attention around the Xbox community   with mostly positive reactions.

Xbox 360 Pizza Hut App

Pizza Hut App for the Xbox 360.

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