Jodi Arias Trial Update: Arias Allegedly Flirting after Alexander’s Memorial and Lies Exposed

Jodi Arias Trial Update

With the soap opera-like murder trial coming to its’ eventual conclusion, those who have been watching the trial are taking a step back and looking at how the case against Jodi Arias has played out.

The unusual behavior she has demonstrated as well as the consistent lies surrounding the killing of Travis Alexander, her former boyfriend, makes people wonder not if, but how long it will take for the jury to declare Jodi Arias guilty of murdering her former boyfriend.

Anyone who thinks the Jodi Arias not guilty of murder would have a hard time explaining her bizarre behavior, such as allegedly flirting with someone on the way home from Alexander’s memorial and her biggest lies that makes it extremely difficult to believe she is a victim of domestic abuse and killed Alexander in self-defense.

During Jodi Arias’ trial, the prosecution and defense have painted two different sides of the defendant. The prosecution claims Arias is a manipulative liar who is not a battered woman but murdered her ex-boyfriend because she was jealous of the woman who he was having relations with.

Meanwhile, the defense would have you think she is a victim of domestic violence and had to kill Alexander in self-defense. Those who have consistently been observing the trial have seen examples of her unusual behavior, as well as statements she has said that portray her as being a habitual liar.

As for her behavior, there has been testimonies saying that on the plane ride home from Alexander’s memorial, Arias began to hit on a gentleman. She apparently exchanged phone numbers with another male not too long after wishing a fond farewell to her ex-boyfriend.

This type of behavior makes a person wonder how much did she really care about Alexander if she is hitting on a guy in such a short time of mourning.

The other element to this case is the lies Arias told that just can’t be ignored. She has made several statements from the time Alexander was killed, to the present that the jury will have to consider in order to reach a verdict.

One such lie was saying she would never harm Travis during her interrogation on July 15th, 2008. She said, “I would never want to hurt him … If I did that, I’d be fully ready to face the consequences. I’m all for the Ten Commandments – thou shall not kill.” Arias later admitted to trying to cover up her shooting rather than to take responsibility.

Another example of her fabricating the truth was when she blamed Alexander’s death on two intruders who supposedly broke into his house and held her at gunpoint. The intruders argued with each other and another story has one of the intruders putting a gun to Arias’ head and pulled the trigger but the gun did not fire.

Her story regarding a male and female intruder had Arias saying, “She (the other intruder) was in the bathroom, standing over Travis. I charged her. I ran down the hall, pushed her as hard as I could.” Arias, of course, later dropped this story and admitted to killing Alexander but in self-defense.

During a recorded interview on July 15th, 2008, Arias told Detective Flores that she was afraid of guns. Another thing she initially mentioned to police was that her ex-boyfriend did not own a gun. She said, “That is one of the things I am scared of. [Guns and] public speaking. That was one of the things [Alexander] was trying to get me to do — get out of my comfort zone.”

However; during the same interview, Arias admitted to the detective that if she had killed Travis, she would have most likely accomplished that with the use of a gun, which would call into question the initial statement she had made. Arias said, “I’m not the brightest person, but I don’t think I could stab him, I’d have to shoot him … The least I could do is make it as humane as possible.”

Also, during her testimony, she said that Travis had supposedly chased her in a murderous rage and she fled into his walk-in closet and then grabbed his gun from a shelf. She told police previously that he did not own a gun.

There are even more statements that Arias has stated during this case that have been proven to be lies. With all the lies that the defendant has said during this murder case and the trial, it may prove difficult for the jury to come back with a verdict other than guilty.

Jodi Arias Allegedly Flirting After Victim’s Memorial

Prosecution psychology expert testified about what Arias told her during her examination.

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