Kmart ‘Ship my Pants’ ad is getting what the Chain Needs Most; Publicity

Ship my Pants Kmart Commercial

If you were to ask someone to describe to you Kmart’s last ad campaign, the majority wouldn’t have a clue. Realizing this, as well as other factors, the chain of discount stores realized they needed to come up with an ad that would catch the eye of consumers as well as being memorable and getting people to talk about them.

Their latest campaign has accomplished this and has created a buzz on the internet as to whether the ad is appropriate or not. Some feel that it is a bit too edgy for their tastes while others think it is hilarious. Whatever your opinion may be, the makers of Kmart’s new ad has helped the chain achieve something that they have been sorely lacking for sometime; publicity.

The ad in question has to do with Kmart and how it has free shipping for items that you may not discover in one of their stores. The “Ship your pants!” commercial. According to the Chicago Business Journal, the commercial has been limited to the internet as to gauge public response and see if it would be feasible to show on television.

What some people are having a problem with is the way the ad has actors delivering the “ship your pants” line as it was an expletive, thus making it sound as if they are saying something completely different. Regardless, Kmart does plan to eventually show the ad on national television.

Michael Brunner is the head of Brunner Inc., which is an advertising agency located in Pittsburgh. When he saw it, he couldn’t stop laughing and says he is a big fan of the ad. As to it being effective or not, he says that it is a success being how people are talking about it.

Brunner’s company does national TV spots but has no involvement in the Kmart ad. He also points out that if a few people are offended, Kmart shouldn’t be concerned as pleasing everyone could make you wind up with a product that is bland.

The publicity the ad is getting can be gauged by networks talking and showing it such as CNN’s HLN and has garnered more than 7 million views on YouTube. Facebook users have had more than 14,000 comments about the ad on Kmart’s Facebook page and the video has generated over 26,000 “likes.”

Facebook user Norbert R. Gabby says, “Great commercial, gets your attention and makes you smile. Good job.”

However, Melissa Clark Edgington commented on the Facebook page on how she was “disappointed by the lack of character” Kmart showed. She said, “I understand that times are hard, but if you have to stoop to shooting a commercial that isn’t appropriate for my children to hear, then I think it’s about time to shut your doors. Low standards equal a low quality business and low expectations. The ad just seems desperate.” Early on Monday, the comment had 50 likes.

Another Facebook user by the name of Sean Farrelly agrees that the ad will irritate and upset some people, but does think that Kmart will ultimately reap the rewards. He said, “For every 1 customer you’ve offended, you’ve gained 1,000 fans with this.” His comment on Kmart’s Facebook page had 111 likes.

Ship My Pants Kmart Commercial

Want to ship your pants too? Can’t find what you’re looking for in store, a sales associate can find it on and ship it to you for free! #ShipMyPants

Kmart’s Edgy ‘Ship My Pants’ Ad Goes Viral

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