Cat Shot in Eye with Paintball Available for Adoption at Edmonton Humane Society

Cat Shot with Paintball

A cat that was shot in the eye by a paintball gun in Canada will be available for adoption at the Edmonton Humane Society.

An eight-month old orange tabby cat was found stray in Fort Saskatchewan, Canada with his face covered in red paint and his left eye dangling from the socket.

“We can’t believe that someone actually did this. Animals can’t defend themselves and truly deserve dignity and respect,” Canada Humane Society spokeswoman Shawna Randolph said in a news release.

The tabby cat was rushed into surgery and his eye was surgically removed because it was mangled.

“It was horrifying to see this cat come to us in such terrible condition and suffering,” added Randolph.

The orange cat was given the name “Captain Jack” after recovering from surgery and being neutered.

Edmonton Humane Society is now asking anyone who knows who’s responsible for the shooting to contact RCMP.

Since the shooting happened outside the shelter’s jurisdiction, Fort Saskatchewan Mounties are handling the case.

Thankfully, Facebook went crazy over this little guy. With 60 shares and 103 likes, some wanting to adopt him, while others are just disgusted that a human would do this to a poor little cat.

Margaret said, “Always remember that the ones who do stuff like this to animals are statistically more likely to move on to doing it to people. They need to be caught and taken out of the mainstream population.”

Victor wants justice, “I really hope there will be some degree of “an eye for an eye” justice implemented when they catch the shooter.”

Daniella gave props to the Edmonton Humane Society, “I’m happy that EHS was able to bring him back to health. Great job to the staff. I sure hope he goes to a loving home.”

While Courtney is inquiring about adopting Captain Jack, “I just called to enquiry about taking him home…. Fingers crossed.”

Anyone with information on the attack can call Mounties at 780-992-6100.

Anonymous tips can be submitted to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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