Target Apologizes For Naming Plus Size Dress ‘Manatee Gray’ After Twitter Explodes

Target Dress Apology

Target had to issue an apology after Susan Clemens tweeted a picture of a plus sized dress named Manatee-grey. Meanwhile, the exact same dress, in regular sizes got labeled as Dark Heather Grey.

Susan Clemons tweeted: “What the. Plus sized women get “Manatee Grey” while standard sizes are “Dark Heather Grey.” @Target #notbuyingit,” with a picture of proof attached from the retailers website. She currently has 299 retweets, which has been growing and 48 other tweeters who decided to favorite the tweet.

Target Apology

While Target says the label of Manatee-grey is given to many of their products, they still issued an apology to Susan Clemens via Twitter and said they were looking into fixing the misunderstanding.

“We apologize for this unintentional oversight and never intend to offend our guests. We’ve heard you, and we’re working to fix it ASAP,” Target tweeted.

On Thursday, Target spokeswoman Jessica Deede said the incident was an “unintended oversight.”

“We never want to offend any of our guests. We apologize for any discomfort that we may have caused,” she told “We are in the process of fixing the discrepancy and updating so the gray dress will be available in all styles,” Deede added. “We’re working on updating our systems right now.”

Target states that the mix-up was because they have two different teams of buyers, one for the plus size and one for standard sizes. Apparently, the teams did not coordinate when deciding on what to label the color of the dress. Or, was it a Freudian slip by one of the plus-size buyers?!

The CS Monitor made a really good point when they reported, “The color “Manatee Gray” had to at least get approved by the manufacturer first, then the marketing people before the raft of people at Target like their buyer, merchandiser, sale staff, and web team. All those eyes on that name and nobody thought, ‘Wow, that’s a bad idea.'” No doubt.

“We’ll use this instance as a learning experience so we can do better moving forward,” Deede concluded.

Clemens did point out that she didn’t expect to hear from Target. She simply just wanted to let them know, but apparently it struck people differently.

“I didn’t ask for/expect an apology from @Target – the explanation they gave Forbes was understandable. In a culture where women’s bodies are commented on endlessly, this struck a nerve with a lot of people who RT’d,” Clemens tweeted. “@Target handled it really well. I’m still a big fan.”

We all make mistakes.

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