Gates to Hell Found by Archaeologists in Turkey

Gate to Hell Turkey

Archaeologists claim Gates to Hell have been discovered in the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis, now Pamukkale in south-western Turkey.

The discovery was made by Francesco D’Andria, a professor of classic archaeology at the University of Salento in Italy, who two years ago also claimed he found the tomb of Saint Philip the Apostle in a nearby location.

During a conference on Italian archaeology in Istanbul, Turkey, the Gates to Hell finding was announced by the team led by Francesco D’Andria.

“We found the Plutonium by reconstructing the route of a thermal spring. Indeed, Pamukkale’ springs, which produce the famous white travertine terraces, originate from this cave,” D’Andria told Discovery News.

“This is an exceptional discovery as it confirms and clarifies the information we have from the ancient literary and historic sources,” Alister Filippini, a researcher in Roman history at the Universities of Palermo, Italy, and Cologne, Germany, told Discovery News.

“We could see the cave’s lethal properties during the excavation. Several birds died as they tried to get close to the warm opening, instantly killed by the carbon dioxide fumes,” D’Andria said.

This place was once known as “Pluto’s Gate,” a shrine to the gods of the underworld. Only the eunuchs of Cybele, an ancient fertility goddess, were able to enter the hell gate without any apparent damage.

“They hold their breath as much as they can,” Strabo wrote, adding that their immunity could have been due to their “menomation,” “divine providence” or “certain physical powers that are antidotes against the vapor.”

As the team began to excavate the Gates of Hell, they discovered Ionic semi columns, as well as references to Pluto and Kore, the gods of the underworld. D’Andira also found ruins that matched the ancient descriptions, including a pool and a series of steps that led into the mouth of the cave. Thousands of years ago, this would have been the place where ancient worshippers would have paid their homage to Pluto and Kore.

The site had been damaged by Christians in the 6th Century and the destruction was completed by later earthquakes.

Gates to Hell Found in Turkey

The cave was celebrated in Greco-Roman mythology as the portal to the underworld.

Gate to Hell Discovered in Turkey

Archaeologists discover the legendary Gates tp Hell where not even birds can survive the stench of the mouth of Hades.

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