Will YouTube Shutdown? Biggest April Fools Prank by Google

Youtube April Fools

The biggest question for today among many was, ‘is YouTube shutting down?’

Google got a head-start on the April Fool’s pranks and released a YouTube video on Sunday night saying they were shutting down YouTube.

According to a YouTube blog, the site that was launched in 2005, was just a way to find the best video in the world. And today, eight years later, it is shutting it all down. The site will stop taking submissions on Tuesday, April 2 at midnight and close down. All videos will be deleted.

The blog post begins by saying, “When we started out in 2005, we focused on rapidly increasing user engagement. We wanted an inventive way to draw people in and catalyze their creativity. The result? A contest for the best video on our site.”

YouTube continues, “Nearly eight years later, with 72 hours of video being uploaded every minute, we finally have enough content to close the competition. We’ve started the process to select a winner and as of tomorrow at midnight, we will be closing the site to submissions.”

The three-minute video posted by YouTube describes how the website will shutdown as some 30,000 technicians will begin to go through 150,000 clips, to select the world’s best video.

The winner will get a $500 stipend, a clip-on MP3 player and will become the only video featured on YouTube when the site relaunches in 2023.

“I encourage everybody to watch as many videos as possible before YouTube deletes everything tonight,” Antoine Dodson warns.  “Thank you for sharing your creativity, irreverence, ideas and knowledge with us and with viewers around the world.”

Also, Google announced “Google Nose,” a search service that is powered by smell as an April Fool’s joke.

YouTube was purchased by the Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion and announced that it has 1 billion monthly active users.

YouTube’s ready to select a winner

Thanks for all your great entries.
YouTube finally has enough videos to begin selecting a winner.
What do you think is the #bestvideo on YouTube?

We’ve been thrilled with all of the diverse, creative entries we’ve seen so far, and we can’t wait to begin the process of selecting the best video. We’ll be announcing the winner in 10 years.

YouTube Announces The Nominees For Best Video (Day 1)

Every video uploaded over the past eight years is under consideration to win YouTube. Our presenters will be announcing all the nominees for 12 hours every day over the next two years. Tune in for Day 1 of our live ceremony.

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