Kevin Ware Broken Leg Video Shows the Gruesome Injury Scene to the Louisville Player

Kevin Ware Video

Louisville basketball player, Kevin Ware broke his leg while trying to block a 3-pointer from Duke player, Tyler Thornton. The injury was so gruesome that CBS halted replays of the injury after showing it two times.

How it went down was (Watch the Video below) Duke guard Tyler Thornton went up for a 3-point shot, Ware went to block it at a 45-degree angle, with no contact. The shot went in and pulled the Devils within one point. When Ware landed, it was gruesome and awkward. His leg buckled and then snapped. Ware was crippled in agony in front of the Louisville bench and trainers rushed to cover the leg with a towel before placing Ware on a backboard and lifting him onto a stretcher.

Kevin Ware Injury

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino said a broken bone punctured the skin. “I went over and was going to help him up, and then all of a sudden I saw what it was,” he said. “And I literally almost threw up. And then I just wanted to get a towel to get it over that.”

Kevin Ware’s Louisville teammates had dropped to the court and cried as they looked on. Some even headed to the trash cans to throw up.

“The bone was literally out. I saw white, it was literally out,” said Louisville’s Chane Behanan, who collapsed to his hands and feet at the sight.

When Ware was eventually carted off the floor and recieved a standing ovation from Louisville fans, who chanted “Kevin! Kevin.”

Ware underwent two hours of surgery in which his right tibia was reset, a rod was inserted in his leg and the open wound caused by the break was closed, Louisville announced.

Ware is expected to remain in an Indianapolis hospital until Tuesday, while doctors monitor him for signs of infection and to make sure that blood flow has been restored in his leg. Upon his release, he hopes to travel with his teammates to Atlanta, his hometown, for Saturday’s Final Four game against Wichita State.

Kevin Ware Injury Video

Louisville’s Kevin Ware Breaks Leg vs. Duke. Complete Video
Sophomore guard Kevin Ware suffered one of the most gruesome we have ever seen in the sport of basketball. In the first half Ware contested a shot from Duke’s Tyler Thornton. CBS cameras showed how he landed awkwardly on his right leg, which we later learned was broken.

Kevin Ware Breaks Leg Video

Kevin Ware breaks his leg during a basketball game.

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  1. Ouch! That is horrible. Imagine being one of the teammates seeing the bone through Kevin Ware’s leg. Wishing for Kevin Ware to make a fast recovery.

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