10 Human Surrogates Raising Baby Gorilla, Gladys in Cincinnati Zoo

Gorilla Gladys

For majority of people raising a kid can be a very excited process filled with tons of emotionally events along the way. There will come a time when those little kids grow up and start to live on their own, now what if I told you instead of raising a kid through this process you raise a baby gorilla? Such is the case for an orphaned 8-week-old western lowland gorilla named Gladys who is currently been raised by zookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The zookeepers are raising baby Glady for several reason, one because days after she was born her own mother rejected her. She only weighed 3 pounds as an infant so she was very fragile, things would have been good if her zoo in Brownsville, Texas had a mother to support little Glady, but they did not. Needed a motherly figure to raise and comfort the little gorilla the zookeepers at the Cincinnati zoo stepped in and adopted her and have been raising her for the past two months.

The 10 human surrogates that are helping raise the baby gorilla are trying to prep her to be united with a real mother gorilla later on which they have called “Gorillafication”

“You’d be crazy to say you haven’t become attached to her, but as much as I like holding Gladys and being with Gladys, the day she goes in with a gorilla mom is the day I’m going to be happiest,” The zoo’s primate team leader, Ron Evans said.

Evans along with his team are hard at work trying to make the transition from human surrogate to live mother gorilla as smooth as possible. Some of the more unique things Evans does are Gorilla like sounds and actions.

“I always use a gorilla accent when I talk to Gladys, along with that I squeeze her pretty tight and groom her just like a gorilla would,” Evans said.

Little Glady is currently in great health and she is growing up fast as she is already 10 pounds and well in the stage of teething eating tons of carrots and sweet potatoes, she still gets bottled-fed about five times a day according to CSMONITOR. She is also beginning to jump around playfully, and the surrogates who dress up in black furry vest are allowing glady to be touched by the other gorillas at the zoo.

“I feel like I’m the mother of two right now,” Newly mother Ashley O’Connell said, who is a primate keeper at the Cincinnati zoo.

“If I have to be away from my own child, this is where I want to be,” O’Connell said.

Zoo specialists at the Cincinnati zoo think Glady will be ready within a few months, and there are four potential adoptive moms among their gorillas

Cute Baby Gorilla Raised by Human Moms at Cincinnati Zoo

After being rejected from her mother, primate experts stepped in to help Gladys.

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