CC Cream: Newest Beauty Cream Craze

CC Cream Review

BB Creams have become a hit for those who want something lighter than a foundation, but still want the coverage with extra perks, sort of like a tinted moisturizer, but better.

Short for beauty balm or blemish balm, BB creams were formulated in Germany by dermatologist Christine Schrammek in the 1950s. It was initially used to protect the skin after laser procedures and surgery. It was then introduced in South Korea and Japan in the 1980’s.

While BB Creams were a huge hit in the Asian market since the 80’s, the US has just recently caught on. Now almost every cosmetic company has a BB cream on the market.

But wait, even though BB Cream is somewhat new, there’s a new all-in-one product sneaking up behind. CC Cream!

CC stands for “color correcting,” and that’s exactly what it’s designed to do and even brighten the color of your complexion. CC Creams are designed to target hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and blotchiness, and claim long-term spot-diminishing benefits.

CC Cream

Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp says, “BB Cream is a trend from last year that we see continuing to be strong this year. While CC Cream is a newer trend that is up-and-coming and likely to be the stronger focal point of this year.”

Mary Johnson, Olay principal scientist says not to get the two creams confused though, because they are two different products. “CC creams and BB creams are two different products that meet different consumer needs,” Johnson says. “BB creams are for a younger consumer who is not looking for color correction and is satisfied with the instant sheer coverage and SPF benefits delivered.”

Unlike a semi-sheer BB cream formulation, “CC creams give more full, foundation- like coverage but feel like you’re wearing something very light,” says Wei Beauty founder Wei Brian. “You can cover discoloration, pimples, age spots or sallow skin but it feels like you’re not wearing makeup, even though you’re correcting unevenness of the complexion.”

So that raises the question, are foundations something of the past? I personally haven’t tried a BB cream, but reading about the CC Cream has me more intrigued. I might be ditching my full-coverage foundation if the CC Cream proves to be all that it’s hyped up to be.

Here comes the CC Cream in 2013

We’ve heard all about BB creams, but now there are CC creams? Help! We’ve broken down what CC — or color correction — creams are and just exactly what they’ve got over BB creams. Not only that, but we have three picks you’ll be obsessing over in the coming weeks.

CC Cream: The New BB Cream?

While BB cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, CC cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage. CC cream is the newest miracle beauty product.

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