Toddler Mauled to Death by 7 Pitbulls in Georgia

Toddler Killed by Pitbull

A 21-month old toddler was mauled to death by seven pitbulls on Wednesday evening at her family’s home in Georgia.

Monica Renee Laminack crawled through the doggie door, which wasn’t unusual because she had done it before. Once the toddler was outside, she was viciously attacked by seven pit bull and pit bull-mix dogs.

According to Bryan County Sheriff, Clyde Smith, her 12-year-old brother was supposed to be watching the girl as the grandmother was sleeping upstairs. Five people were in the house at the time.

The grandmother was awakened by the dogs making loud noises outside when the toddler was being mauled. She looked out her window and yelled “they are killing Monica”. She tried to save her granddaughter, but it was too late. The little girl had bites all over her body and had been dragged all over the yard.

Monica Renee Laminack was pronounced dead at the scene about 6:30 p.m. after paramedics arrived. EMS arrived and called coroner immediately because they knew she was dead. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday. Smith said he would be shocked if there are no charges filed.

The seven dogs were euthanized on the property where the mauling happened and the Bryan County Sheriff’s office will continue investigating the tragic attack. Two other dogs the family owns, a beagle and an Irish setter, were not involved in the attack were spared.

“All the dogs had access to the house, nine dogs in all,” Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith told the local paper. “She habitually played with dogs, all of them. But they drug her all over the yard. Something turned them on her. We don’t know what.”

The family said there had never been an issue with the dogs before and that they never felt the child was in danger with them. The family did say at least one of the dogs killed a cat one time.

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  1. Team Pit-a-Full/ David Edelstein | March 29, 2013 at 7:08 am | Reply

    Who was the authority to DNA/ positively ID these dogs breed? Or was this just another case of some $11/ hour ACO labeling the dogs “Pit Bulls” just because they attacked… and the media feasting on the misinformation?

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