Pond Circles in New York has People Talking about Aliens

Crop Circle

Mysterious pond circles appearing in Eden, New York and has started a viral buzz about aliens.

Local resident Peggy Gervase first saw the pond circles from the deck of her home on Friday evening.

“I took a couple pictures of the pond and I put it on Facebook because I’d never seen this before in our pond,” Gervase told Buffalo NBC TV affiliate WGRZ. “It’s eerie, in a way, and cool in a way. It’s crop circles, crop, pond, water, ice circles — just circles.”

The WGRZ Facebook page, had nearly 40,000 views with more than 200 comments. Some contained explanations of what may have caused it. They included everything from underground springs to melting ice, meteors, methane gas, gas expelled by fish and of course aliens.

Temper A Mental thinks it’s, “Extraterrestrials with giant cookie cutters.”

While Steve Crump Sr. says he believes it’s, “Ducks swimming in circles!!”

Gervase told reporters that she doesn’t believe the pond circles are the work of aliens. “I’m not that far gone yet,” she told WGRZ.

Marc Dantonio, photo and video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network told the Huffington Post, “Given the right conditions, where freezing has just begun, my personal feeling is that these ice holes are really areas where some underground springs that have been creating small currents in the pond have moved the water just enough to prevent it from freezing at the same time as the rest of the pond.”

That’s not too far off the beaten path of what Live Science is reporting. “There are more rational explanations,” reported Live Science. “Natural springs often feed ponds with slightly warmer water than the water freezing at the pond’s surface during cold weather. As the warmer spring water rises, it would melt the snow and ice on the pond’s surface.”

Whenever there are talks of “circles” popping up in crops or ponds, there are always those that will tell you it’s an alien. According to Wikipedia, “The scientific consensus is that crop circles are almost entirely man-made with a few possibly due to meteorological or other natural phenomena.”

Mysterious Pond Circles

A mystery of sorts has unfolded in the backyard of one of our viewers in Eden. It happened Friday evening as Peggy Gervase was looking out from the deck of her home at a nearby pond.

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  1. This has the characteristics of being formed by either natural phenomena or human technology.

    Unless someone has Actually seen what most people would think looks like a ET craft making the circles, it’s best to look for a natural or human explanation first and THEN if the data points to a non-natural and possibly non human origin then we can posit ET.

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