Tiger Woods Nike Ad: ‘Winning takes care of everything’ Brings Criticism

Tiger Woods Nike Ad

Being in the advertising business is hard. Trying to catch eyes of viewers, but being careful not offend anyone while doing so. Having to step on that imaginary line that sometimes is very hard to see.

Nike has done just that with the latest ad they released when Tiger Woods regained his No. 1 world ranking on Monday by winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

After the win, Nike caused a massive social media stir with an ad showing a picture of Tiger Woods lining up a putt with a quote from him, “Winning takes care of everything.” Underneath, the word “Victory” alongside the Nike Swoosh logo.

The Nike ad was posted on Facebook and Twitter and was supposed to symbolize Woods’ recovery to No. 1 in the world for the first time since October 2010. Not everyone saw it that way though.

While the Nike ad has generated more than 8,000 likes and 2,000 shares on Facebook, as well as hundreds of comments, many of those congratulating Woods on the No. 1 ranking. While others commented that the ad sends the wrong message with Woods’ past problems.

“Winning takes care of everything? LOL…You need to re-think that,” wrote another commenter. “But let’s share in the excitement of Tiger being back with a roar. He is playing awesome and I am happy for him and golf for it.”

“No. Winning does not take care of everything,” wrote one commenter on the Nike Golf Facebook page.

“Nice message that you are sending to children. So it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, what your morals are, as long as you win? What a crock,” another person wrote, most likely referring to Tiger Woods’ 5-year marriage to Elin Nordegren that ended in 2010 after multiple affairs.

Nike officials tried to defend the ad. “Tiger has always said he competes to win.” Nike spokesman Beth Gast said in a statement. “When asked about his goals such as getting back to No. 1, he has said consistently winning is the way to get there. The statement references that sentiment and is a salute to his athletic performance.”

Tiger Woods New Nike Ad

Sports columnist Christine Brennan talks to CNN’s Piers Morgan about Tiger Wood’s comeback and his new Nike ad.

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