Live Bomb in Squid Found By Chinese Fish Market Worker

Bomb in SquidImage Source: Guangzhou Daily

It has to be quite surprising to be gutting a squid in your market on the table and to hit something metal inside. Even more surprising is when you finish cutting out the metal and reveal that there is a three foot bomb inside the ocean creature. That’s what happened to a Chinese fisherman that works in a market gutting and selling fish.

The area of China the squid with a bomb inside it was found was near the Guangdong province. According to the China Daily police in Jialing county, Meizhou city came to the scene to physically take the bomb and detonate it. To everyone’s surprise the bomb was still active and created an explosion. As you can imagine the bomb, although rusted, still produced a big bang with it weighing three pounds.

The fisherman that caught the squid in the Chinese ocean and the man at the market both agreed that the squid had a large belly. It was apparent there was something going on with the abnormally large squid. No one has confirmed where the bomb actually came from but it was suspected in Guangzhou Daily from the police that the bomb was an “aviation bomb.” What many believe is a plane had dropped an undetonated bomb and it landed somewhere near the coast where the squid typically feeds on small fish like shrimp, krill and sardines.

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