Baby Left With Note In Car While Mom Shops

Baby Left With Note

Maybe you’ve done it or maybe you would turn someone in for doing it but it just recently happened again, a parent leaving their child in the car. This time the baby was an infant sitting in the seat of a car with a pink princess blanket wrapped around the bottom of the baby with a warm hat on. Laying on top of the baby and the blanket was a note that the mom left for anyone concerned to read.

DJ Polly Gillespie quoted on Facebook that the note said, “If anything goes wrong while I’m shopping, please call this number.” The Daily Mail quoted the note as saying, “My mum’s in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything.” Obviously there is some discrepancy about what the letter actually reads and it’s blurry enough that you can’t make out the words on the note.

If you’re wondering who the note was discovered by, it was a couple that was getting ready to shop themselves in the Pak’nSave in Porirua parking lot. The PAK’nSAVE is a popular grocery outlet in New Zealand where the mother, the baby and the upset couple found the baby. A man and his wife uploaded the picture to Facebook and it took off as people reshared and it shared comments about how wrong the situation was and how angry they were.

Mom Shops Leaves Baby With NoteAs of 7:00pm on March 26th, 2013 DJ Polly’s Facebook post about the Baby Left With A Note has garnered 460 likes, 185 shares and 1,539 comments. Here are some of the things people are saying about the situation, do you agree?

“This was a mum who didn’t want to disturb her baby … Who may have had a terrible sleepless night being tired the next day …. She did her best … This baby has a loving mother ….”

“When I worked in retail out west I always say babies left in cars while the mum shopped, I think its really common and some people don’t think its a big deal, these people that do this just have NO COMMON SENSE!!”

“I feel extremely sorry for this poor woman everyone is jumping to the conclusion that she is a bad mum or has mental health issues or isn’t sure how to parent don’t judge what u don’t no keep your opinions to yourself i doubt any of u that have criticized this woman even no her and if u claim to b a perfect parent then I’m sorry no parent is perfect.”

“Some people have no business having children if that’s the way they’re going to treat them! How can anyone with 2 brain cells bumping together possibly think that leaving a child of any age in a locked car in a parking lot is safe while they go into a store of any sort?? What has caused people to forgo common sense these days? Personally I think she should be arrested for endangering the welfare of a child! Having said that, what makes you think by posting this that you won’t get a negative reaction from people who actually have a reasonable amount of common sense and know better than to do such a knowingly irresponsible thing? Coming from a parent who has personally lost a child due to the neglect of the other parent, while he was in her care, you bet your ass you’re going to get a harsh response! Most all people should be fired up and pissed about such blatant disregard and neglect towards a child! People are entirely too passive when it comes to the erroneous care that other parents seem to permit with their children and then purposely including the public with a note?!?! Are you out of your mind?”

It seems the comments just keep going and it’s interesting to see there are two completely different sides. Surprisingly there are a lot of people in support of the mother and feel sorry for her. There have been claims that the police should get involved, however, at this time the police say they can do nothing. The law in New Zealand states that any parent or guardian that leaves a child under the age of 14 years old could be fined up to NZ$2,000. Stuff in New Zealand states that police have admitted no one has lodged a complaint against the woman leaving her baby alone in the car. Senior Sergeant Justin Rakena from Porirua Police Department said, “We weren’t called, and we’ve had no complaints, if they do call us, we’ll be acting on it.”


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