Man Dies At Arch In Utah Trying To Make World’s Largest Rope Swing

Kyle Stocking Corona Arch Death

It really all started back in February of 2012 when a YouTube Video made a popular place in Moab, Utah even more well known for some crazy stunts. Devin Graham who makes professional films and uploads them on YouTube channels like Devingraham uploaded a video that has so far garnered 17,374,000 video views in a year. The video is titled, “World’s Largest Rope Swing” and the video definitely serves up what it hints at delivering.

David Graham Corona Arch Video

Just days after Mr. Graham uploaded his video he interviewed with KSL in Utah and told them, “We knew it was going to be successful, but we didn’t know it was going to explode how it did explode.” Apparently a friend of Devin’s named Chad Hamilton came up with the idea and made the first original video without professional filming involved. That’s where David Graham stepped in and incorporated technical film making using tools like a GoPro HD 1 camera, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, Canon 60D, iPhone 4S and an Epic Red One camera all tied together in one extreme short-film that lasts 2 minutes and 55 seconds of white knuckle screaming and death defying stunt devil tricks.

Corona Arch Swing

The amount of height involved in the total free fall jumping off the Corona Arch in Moab, UT is around 130 feet. When the rope swing is built properly it keeps the swinging person that dives off the arch about 10 feet above the ground as they are shot back up another 100 feet until the pendulum rope swing comes to more of a standstill. The key part to pay attention to here is that the proper heights for this trick to be successful are maintaining height above ground level. This is where tragedy showed itself this Sunday March 24th, 2013.

A 22 year old amateur stuntman named Kyle Lee Stocking plunged to his death when jumping off the arch and trying to make his own large swing built off of the Corona Arch. It wasn’t the first person that tried making one of the World’s Largest Swings after seeing the hit video on YouTube. It’s been a popular thing to try and duplicate the swinging pendulum under the arch. Unfortunately for Kyle Stocking his try had the rope too long for his free fall and he plunged straight into the ground. A Grand County Sheriff told officials that the impact killed Kyle Stocking.

The popular World’s Largest Swining Rope video is already gathering memorial statements from people mourning the loss of Kyle by saying things like, “R.i.p. Kyle D. Stocking that tryed this… He hit the ground and died. Just a reminder. thou looks cool when everything goes good“, “Like if the Kyle Lee Stocking story brought you here. R.I.P.“, “Kyle Lee R.i.p, sad that you went out like that. Guys remember to always calculate multiple times and be over protective before doing anything dangerous.” There are others that have hateful things to say as well about the safety of the jump and whether it was legal or not. According to the previous interview of David Graham it is legal to do the jump off the Arch in Utah because it’s on BLM land and that it would not be legal if the stunt was pulled off in Arches National Park.

What do you think, should activities like this be illegal or are there too many laws already?

World’s Largest Rope Swing

Film made by Devin Graham
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I also had several friends help film this! Here they are!

Dusty Hulet
Cameron Manwaring
Dillon Manwaring
Sean Wright
Tristan Wright

As far as making the camera look like it was “flying”, I used a glidecam 2000 HD for all those shots. You can check out the exact model on their official website below where you can also buy them, and I don’t get paid to say that 🙂

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  1. I have been rigging my own rope jumps for several years now. This activity is like any extreme sport. You have to have a lot of experience and know how to pull it off. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still dangerous and it doesn’t mean we need to make it illegal. Rock climbing is dangerous, can lead to sever injury or death if it attempted by someone who is inexperienced or doesn’t understand the finer points of the gear and planning. BASE jumping even more so. I’d hate to see some kind of legal fallout occur over this. I for one am not going to stop jumping – I absolutely love it… nor will I stop throwing a test bag off first to ensure my system is rigged correctly.

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