Teen Trends Parents Should be Aware of

Dangerous Trends Parents Should Know

Every adult can think back to their teenage years and remember the “growing pains” they had to endure. Though different for each individual, the trends that were popular during that time period made a single person part of a group by participating in that particular trend.

In high school, there has been the concern for years of young adults taking part in the trend that involves alcohol and drug use. Parents that should be grateful knowing their child is not partaking in this dangerous trend need to make sure to keep their guard up.

While one trend may end, another one pops up that presents new ways to push the boundaries as well as endangering the lives of teenagers. The following are trends that have gained popularity with young adults that could have dangerous and deadly consequences.

The trend of Planking in itself is not a dangerous thing to do. What the act involves is for the individual to lie face down – like a board – on any and every surface. While the activity is taking place, a picture will be taken and then posted on the internet. The picture is sent to planking groups where they compare others pictures to see which would be considered silly to the most daring and dangerous.  This is where deadly consequences can occur as teenagers have a tendency to act first before thinking about how dangerous the act could be.

Many injuries have resulted from planking.  A male teen died when he thought of planking on a balcony, only to plummet seven stories to his death. Though planking is mostly harmless, parents should advise their children to think about safety and use common sense before trying.


Though it is already a good idea for parents to monitor how their teen uses the internet, a new trend is creating a way for an individual to get high online. This is an attempt to alter a teen’s consciousness through sound and is called “I-dosing.”

Teenagers have the ability to download music online and listen to it through the use of their headphones. Certain MP3s have been created to generate effects that have similar qualities of getting high just as if you were taking drugs.

These particular sound tracks can last from five to 30 minutes and consist of binaural beats, so that the frequency of one tone will come through one ear while the other frequency will change slightly and is heard in the other ear. Though researchers have said the act of I-dosing in itself is harmless, there are parents that have stated their concern that this trend could lead to the desire to try other narcotics in the future.

This next trend is supposed to allow a teen to get a quick buzz using vodka but not having to worry about the smell of alcohol on their breath. The trend known as vodka eyeballing, has a teen not slamming back shot after shot of the alcohol, but pouring it directly into their eye. As the eye is filled with blood vessels, the alcohol is absorbed through what is called the mucous membrane and enters the bloodstream immediately as a result of the veins that are in the back of the eye.

The quick buzz is achieved without the teen worrying of having alcohol on their breath; however, the consequences for doing this can be severe. Being that vodka generally contains between 40 to 50 percent alcohol, it can burn and scar the cornea, and in the severest consequence; cause blindness.

This trend focuses on a game that is potentially lethal and involves the assistance of a friend or use of restraints to help choke the player so that the flow of blood is cut off to the brain. The purpose of “the choking game” is to achieve the high that results from the restraint being released and the flow of blood rushes back into the brain.

The “high” feeling that is reached, in actuality, comes as a result of the thousands of brain cells that die due to the lack of oxygen. This action results in bleeding in the brain (also known as a “silent stroke”), long term brain damage, stroke and coma. Also, there is no way for the player to know the exact time to let go, so many participants pass out and there are reports that some actually hang themselves.

Most that play this game are teenagers who are looking to get high through the use of alcohol or drugs. It is estimated that 250 to 1,000 teenagers each year die from playing the choking game; however, most of them are ruled as suicides.

These are only a few of the new trends that teenagers are taking a part of. Since trends are constantly changing, only time will tell what the new trends of tomorrow will be.

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