Chrysler and GM Recalls Roughly 29,000 Vehicles over Safety Concerns

Chrysler Recall

Recently, German automaker Volkswagen announced that they were recalling an undisclosed amount of their vehicles in China over safety issues. Though many Americans would not be concerned about a recall taking place in China, it is another example of recalls that have taken place so far as the first quarter of 2013 has not even ended yet.

Today, Chrysler and GM are two more companies that are joining the ‘recall trend’ as they announced a combined total of about 29,000 cars need to be replaced over safety issues.

Chrysler has announced that they are recalling approximately 2,500 Dodge Challengers due to a possible short-circuit that has the potential to cause a fire. The company said that if the short-circuit was to take place, the wire harness could end up overheating and the result would be a fire.

The vehicles affected are all 2013 Dodge Challengers that have V-6 engines and assembled over an eight week period ending on January 24th, 2013.

According to Chrysler, those owners affected by the recall are being contacted through the mail and phone. The drivers are being told that effective immediately, to stop driving their vehicles well as to notify their dealers. Also, owners are being advised that they should not leave their cars in or near any structures.

While repairs are being completed, Chrysler will provide owners with free loaner cars to use. Though they say that 4,459 vehicles in total are part of the recall, roughly 1,900 of those cars are reported to be in the hands of dealers.

The second involves GM and their recall is more massive than Chrysler. An estimated 26,500 of the 2013 Cadillac SRX crossover and Buick LaCrosse are being recalled due to a software issue that might enable the automatic transmission to shift out of manual mode.

Those cars that are affected have a Driver Shift Control feature. With it, the driver can shift the automatic transmission seem similar as if it had manual transmission.

According to a report filed by GM to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the defective software could cause the transmission to unexpectedly shift from manual mode to automatic transmission, thus removing any transmission-related engine breaking. The NHTSA says that a crash might occur if there is a sudden loss in engine breaking.

GM states in the report that in order for manual mode to be re-engaged, the driver needs to move the shift lever to Drive and then put back to manual mode.

The recall is said to officially begin on March 28 and the company will notify owners on what to do as the dealers will fix the transmission control problem at no charge.

Those affected range from 1,861 Buick LaCrosse, which were built between April 25-March 6, and 24,752 Cadillac SRX vehicles built from May 29-February 18.

Dodge recalls the Challenger

Twenty-five hundred 2013 Dodge Challenger owners are being urged to park their car immediately after this weekend’s recall for a short circuit in the 3.6-liter engine. Seven fires have been reported, but no injuries.

Chrysler is also telling owners not to park their vehicles near anything flammable until they are looked at.

Owners can call 1-800-CHRYSLER to see if their vehicles are affected.

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