Facts to know before you fill out a NCAA tournament bracket

NCAA March Madness 2013

The phenomenon March Madness is back again to capture the excitement and anxiousness of millions of college basketball fans around the world. This years college basketball regular season was anything but traditional, as there were upsets galore, emotional wins, and lots of memorable finishes, now multiple these by two and you have what will be a very exciting NCAA tournament in the coming weeks.

The always popular Selection Sunday showcase, took place last night on CBS which laid out this year tournament bracket having Louisville, Kansas, Indiana, and Gonzaga claiming the coveted number 1 seeds. Just minutes or actually during the reveling of the 68 team field the brackets were made available online, and so the craziness of filling out the brackets has begun. I do have to admit I am a BIG college basketball fan (HUGE Ohio State Buckeyes Fan) and I love March Madness and usually fill out a bracket or two online and as a print out, but I am in no means close to being an expert at college basketball or picking tournament games.

However, listening to experts strategies on how to pick teams from previous years has lead me to have pretty successful brackets. So, I will provide some of the facts experts have stated to help you when filling out those brackets. I am not too happy about this fact, but ever since the Syracuse University Orangeman won the National Championship in 2003, there has not been a National Champion that primary colors didn’t have blue in it.

This next fact is a bit interesting, not since 2003 has there been a Final Four without at least one team having an animal as a mascot, and ever since 1979 when the tournament went to a seeding tournament has the national champion team begun with a vowel, but I still have tremendous faith in Ohio State. When it comes to seeding it all depends on if you like to go traditional and pick the favorite team, or step out on the limb and choose the upset, going by how this year regular season went I think there will be several upsets this tournament.

Here is something to keep in mind, according to CBS number 1 seeds are undefeated against number 16 seeds (112-0) and with some very strong number 1 seeds this year it looks like that trend will certainly continue. It appears people have the best luck as far as upset picks goes when you choose a number 9 seed to top the number 8 seed (58-54 overall record). If you are a big fan of whoever is the ranked number 1 at the end of the regular season I have some bad news for you, since the Coaches poll in 1993 the final season team ranked number 1 has went on to become national champion only four times.

So there you have it, just a few unique facts for you to digest a little bit while you’re filling out your brackets in the next few days, what team are you riding to a national title?

Printable NCAA Tournament Bracket 2013.

March Madness 2013: NCAA Tournament Bracket Analysis

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