Great White Shark Tagged and Tracked in Florida, First Time in the United States

Great White Shark Tracking

Television shows like the discovery channel and the history channel do a great job of providing viewers with interesting information and pictures of unique animals and their habitats. One of the most ferrous yet majestic animals alive today could arguably be the great white shark and sharks in general; they seem to be pretty popular since they get a whole week dedicated to them on the discovery channels “Shark Week”.

The great white is once again, making headlines as researchers are using a 2,000 pound great white to dive deep into the oceanic atmosphere to provide in-depth looks, and information on the great white’s life cycle, and reproductive behaviors. The tagging of this massive great white shark is the first to happen within the shorelines of the United States.

Tracking Great White Shark Jacksonville,

“After days of relentless determination, we are very proud to say the OCEARCH team was able to successfully tag and release the first great white shark off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida,” the organization said on their facebook page.

Laboratory scientists and other researchers corral and trap the 14-foot monster that is nicknamed “Lydia” about a week ago in the Florida waters according to Yahoo. The main reason the researchers are conducting this project of tracking sharks is, mainly because the great white shark is slowly becoming a dying breed as more than 100 million sharks are killed every year according to CBS. Scientist and researchers want to get a sense of the sharks activities are and their breeding styles as well.

The researches have fitted Lydia with a satellite tag to track all her movements, along with a device called an accelerometer on her fin. The accelerometer is much like the satellite tag as it will allow the research team to track the shark’s body tilt movements. Since the team trapped and tagged Lydia she has already flipped off her accelerometer and satellite tracking, but the research team has been able to compile a nice amount of information for their project.

While Lydia was aboard the research vessel the scientist and researchers were able to get a few blood samples from the shark to determine the impact of how environmental pollution has effective the sharks in any way.

The tracking information and the blood sample are currently being assets right now in a laboratory in Florida, but the researchers have expressed they are extremely eager to see what turns up from their tracking, and what information they can get from Lydia blood sample.

Tracking a 2,000 lb Great White Shark

Tracking a 2000 lb. great white shark – Here’s a view from aboard a fishing boat of what it’s like to nab and tag a great white shark for research.

OCEARCH Expedition Jacksonville: Tagging the Impossible

Watch the video of how OCEARCH tagged and released the first great white shark in Florida waters, Lydia!

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