Taylor Swift Fan Mail Found in Dumpster, Unopened

Taylor Swift Fan Mail Unopened

Ever wonder what happens to those letters you send to celebrities? Do you think they read every singe one of them? Well unfortunately  for some Taylor Swift fans, their letters were not received by the country artist and were almost thrown away.

Hundreds of unopened, unread fan letters addressed to Taylor Swift were found in a dumpster in Nashville over the weekend.

The fan mail addressed to Taylor Swift was discovered by Kylee Francescan who was dumping her own items at the dumpster at Granberry School, located off of Old Hickory Boulevard in Nashville, Tennessee.

She told Nashville’s WKRN News Investigators, “I was like, ‘That’s weird,’ There were like hundreds of letters in there to Taylor Swift and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I didn’t know if they were stolen [or] discarded, so I threw them in a box. And I’m like, ‘Somebody needs to let Taylor know.'” She added, “It did bother me because I know how much her fans mean to her.”

These letters were addressed to Taylor Swift Entertainment, a P.O. Box located at a strip mall at 242 West Main Street in Hendersonville. The owner of the strip mall said Swift does receive box loads of fan mail at the P.O. Box and that someone from the country singer’s staff picks up the mail periodically.

Unopened Taylor Swift Fan Mail Found

Paula Erickson, Taylor Swifts spokeswoman explained that “Taylor gets thousands of fan letters everyday and they are delivered to her management office. After the letters are opened and read, they are recycled. The only explanation for any letters being unopened would be that a small batch of mail that was supposed to be delivered to Taylor was accidentally put with letters headed for the recycling center. We sincerely appreciate Channel 2 bringing this to our attention, and we plan to immediately pick up the mail.”

Hopefully this type of thing doesn’t happen again, Taylor Swift says she has always had a very close relationship with her fans. In the past, she would hang onto special fan letters.

Taylor Swift said about her fans sending her mail, “It blows me away how thoughtful and organized they are. Sometimes they’ll give me a scrapbook or a project that was made by hundreds of fans from around the world.”

Back in October, she told VEVO, “It’s honestly the most amazing feeling to know that there’s this amazing group of people that has my back. And I try to thank them all the time for doing that for me because they just go out of their way nonstop to make my life really, really fun.”

Unopened Taylor Swift fan mail found in Nashville dumpster

Hundreds of letters addressed to country superstar Taylor Swift were discovered in a south Nashville recycling dumpster over the weekend.

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  1. Thats what you think. Thats all just a scam. She reads ALL her fan letters and is the nicest person you will ever meet. (if your lucky enough). She doesn’t care about money. In fact she took all the people working for her on a cruise and the 1989 tour. If you can’t call that nice, i don’e know what you can. Thanks for understanding and changing your opinion about Taylor the best celebrity EVER!

  2. So, Taylor Swift really doesn’t like her fans after all. Figures! Celebrities don’t care about anyone unless they have money like them.

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