Galaxy S4 Release Date Set for March, 14: Rumors of Eye Scroll Technology

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

This year looks to be a very competitive year within the smart-phone universe as Samsung, Blackberry, and Apple are all set to release their newest smart-phone into the already packed phone market. Apple has a June target date for their much anticipated iPhone 5s; Blackberry is expected to launch their Z10 smart-phone next week, on March, 22, while Samsung is the closest to releasing their newest smart-phone, as the Galaxy S4 will be available this Thursday March, 14.

UPDATE: Watch the Samsung UNPACKED event live here:

Samsung UNPACKED 2013 Livestream

Be the first in the world to experience #TheNextGalaxy. Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch in Times Square.

With the Galaxy S4 being close to release, let’s take a little look at what features this phone will bring to its users. Apple has made several headlines with the rumor of a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s; Samsung has done the same, with the GS4 gaining attention for what is likely to be the most interesting feature of the phone, if the company goes through with it.

In leak photos of the GS4 and leaked information, it reveals that the phone has a feature known as “Smart Scroll” for eye tracking. The feature will track user’s eyes when scrolling through pages and apps, if you are reading an e-mail or story the software will automatically scroll down to reveal the next paragraphs of text.

There are also talks of an innovative interface known as “Floating Touch.”  The floating touch feature will allow users to hover over an item to get additional information related to it, such as preview images inside an album without having to open it.

Following the trend of Galaxy S previous models size, each predecessor got bigger. The Galaxy S IV is no different, as it is said to have a 5 inch screen, which a lot of critics are labeling the size as a disadvantage.

As far as the operating system goes, the device will run on the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and will come available in three different GB of storage memory (16, 32, and 64). Along with this, the camera is receiving a bit of a upgrade for the new phone as the front facing camera will be a 2-mega-pixel shooter, while also sporting a 13 -mega-pixel rear camera up from the 8-mega-pixel camera the GS3 has.

The GS4 will not have embedded wireless charging capability as previously thought.The GS4 will officially make its debut at a media convention in New York City this Thursday.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Leaked Info – Design, Specs, NFC, Camera

Leaked info on the Samsung Galaxy S4!

– Launching with Android Jellybean
– Key Lime Pie coming Autumn 2013

– 4.99″ Full HD SoLuX Display

– 1920×1080 resolution

– Qualcomm quad core Snapdragon 600 Processor


– 140.1mm x 71.8mm x 7.7mm

– Weighing 138 Grams

13-megapixel camera

– Coming in Black & White

– Samsung Galaxy S4 Revealed on March 14 2013, in New York and for 7pm EST.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Builds Up iPhone-Like Hype

Samsung plans to release its Galaxy S4 in New York on March 14.

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