Facebook New Look: News Feed Gets a Redesign to Cut Clutter

Facebook News Feed

Facebook, the world’s most popular social media site with over 1 billion users, is looking to upgrade and revamp its current design and layout for users to enjoy more effectively. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team announced a new website design at a media conference Thursday in Menlo, CA. The team mentioned that the Web version of the social network will now look much more like the Facebook mobile apps, which will also be receiving a little sprucing up as well.

If you are familiar with a newspaper layout, you know it has the front page and then sections labeled throughout the paper.  Well, the new Facebook design is said to sort of mirror this type of layout.

“Everyone’s going to start on the front page like they do today, this just gives people more power to dig into the topics they care about,” Zuckerberg said. “I want our site to be the best personalized newspaper in the world.”

One of the new design details is in the music category where the music channel will show a combination of nearby concerts, songs friends are listing to on Spotify, and feeds from musicians you follow. Users will also be able to drill down into specific topics they are interested in, just like in the sections of a newspaper. The new design kind of portrays twitter layout as users can scroll through a feed that consists of posts from the pages of products and people they follow.

A lot of Facebook users that have an instagram account usually combine their Facbook and instagram accounts together to post pictures from one site to the other. Photos, music and everything else will be in particular sections. The main page which is your news feed will be Facebook’s “Front page” and will have additional categories to take a look at this time around. Expect to see bigger pictures, crisper layout and a more narrow type of newsfeed rather than your all-in-one version we are accustomed to seeing.

The redesign will offer bigger real estate for advertisers, including more opportunities for brands to feature bigger pictures, which marketers actual say are more persuasive than words according to NYTIMES. Marketers at the media conference mentioned that, the bigger ad formats, the redesign’s specialized content streams could keep users glued to the site much longer.

“Everything across the board is going to get richer; it will be a more immersive design,” Julie Zhou, Facebook design chief said.

Hussein Fazal, chief executive of AdParlor, which buys advertisements on Facebook says that the new design will certainly keep users occupied and in a sense keep them on the site longer and will make them want to continually come back to it.

Facebook already introduced the new design to a selected few users on Thursday, and will extend it to all Web users and to mobile apps in the coming weeks.

New Design of Facebook Homepage – coming soon

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